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Rutgers Treasure Hunter

Rutgers Treasure Hunter: the stuff you find in the attic!

Scarlet is the color of the week, boys and girls!

Rutgers Trea$ure Hunter is back - NCAA WBB edition

With the Knights back in the NCAA tournament, the Trea$ure Hunter breaks out the WBB memorabilia.

1971 and building of our 10,000 seat arena...huh?

See, there was a bond referendum and Rutgers got money to start building its new arena by the stadium. Sound familiar? No? Read on...

Have old FB programs? The Trea$ure Hunter is back

Rutgers Trea$ure Hunter is back on the prowl and we've got some interesting stuff from before many of you were born. And wait til you see what's at the end of this story!

Go Chanticleers! Our first teams weren't Knights

For most fans, the Scarlet Knights represent Rutgers in athletics. But that wasn't always the case. And in dog years, it wasn't that long ago.

Rutgers Trea$ure Hunter looks at Scarlet Fever

It all started in 1988, the brainchild of a former Rutgers Scarlet Knight mascot, And over the last quarter century, Steve Ostergren has been promoting Rutgers and selling fan-related merchandise to a fan base that needed, well, Scarlet Fever.

RU hoops history; the collectibles reveal gold

RU basketball has fallen on hard times in recent years. But it wasn't always like that. Memorabilia from another era highlights that the Knights had their share of success on the hardwood.

Lost treasure: trading cards open up the past

How many of us collected baseball cards? How many of us of a certain age threw away a fortune by putting them in our bike spokes? Rutgers has a history in cards. Take a look at a handful of recent and not so recent RU grads and their NFL history.

Rutgers game day programs share history

Game day programs tell stories that you'd otherwise never know. Look back to the time when RU and PSU were actually playing regular home-and-home games to see what football - and the two schools' programs - were like. We're going back to 1954.

Rutgers Trea$ure Hunter: What can you find?

Collecting is part of the charm of being a fan!