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Which staff members stay?

A new head coach often means wholesale turnover in the assistant ranks, but not always.

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A new coach usually wants to get "his guys" into his new school as his staff.  This is particularly true when the new guy was the head coach at another school. But sometimes, the new bossman will keep some of the old regime's assistants, for either recruiting, program culture, or X's and O's reasons.

Obviously, this speculative exercise depends greatly on who the new coach is, which we don't know yet, but there a few likely candidates on the current Rutgers staff who may stick around.

RB Coach/Asst. Head Coach Norries Wilson

If Coach Norries wants to stay on as the RB coach, that's a no-brainer. It's very difficult to argue with the success he has had with the RB position group at Rutgers. We had 3 different RBs with over 500 yards this year, and an effective (mostly) rotation that kept guys fresh, effective, and largely healthy. Wilson also led the team through Kyle Flood's suspension with grace and dignity, and damn near beat Michigan State, with the team showing guts and heart for 60 minutes it struggled to find consistently in other games this season. He also apparently makes unbelievable ribs and BBQ, as his players are quick to tweet out whenever he has them all over to his house.

D-Line Coach Jim Panagos

Coach P has been Rutgers most effective recruiter the past few years, including landing Marques Ford, one of the few four-star recruits of the Flood era. Recruits and players rave about his energy and his personality, and for his strength as a recruiter (particularly in Florida), Panagos might be a candidate to stick around.

WR Coach Anthony Campanile

Similar to Panagos, Coach Camp brings an abundance of energy and commendable results to the WR position group, but his true strength likely lies on the recruiting trail. Coach Camp is probably the best-connected in New Jersey of the current Rutgers staff, and those contacts could prove valuable to someone like Chris Ash, who does not have a built-in New Jersey network like Al Golden or Mario Cristobal would.

Recruiting Coordinator EJ Barthel

Todderick Hunt had a tremendous piece at highlighting Barthel's contributions in keeping the current class of recruits hanging tight, at least until the new coach is announced. Read the whole article here -- it's worth a few minutes of your time. It's not clear if Barthel would stay on in his current role, or if he would perhaps move up to an assistant job, but he seems like a strong contender to find a spot in the next regime's staff.

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Sound off in the comments and the poll to let us know who you think deserves to stay on the staff under a new head coach.