Rutgers Basketball: 2020 Power Forward Dean Reiber Commits to Steve Pikiell’s Program

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Steve Pikiell received his first commitment of the 2020 class as legacy student and power forward Dean Reiber committed to the Scarlet Knights today.

Reiber, who’s grandfather graduated from the university, has been on Pikiell’s radar for a while. Pikiell watched him several times and then offered him back in April. He also had a high major offer from Penn State and interest from Clemson. 247 has Reiber listed as a three star recruit and a top 50 power forward in the country.

There are currently no true power forwards on the roster for 2020. Shaq Carter and Akwasi Yeboah will be graduating and Eugene Omoruyi transferred (he would have graduated anyway). While Pikiell has intimated that Ron Harper Jr could fill the position and Mamadou Doucoure could shift over their, neither has that at their natural position. Reiber is the first commit for a spot that should be a focus with the recruiting class. Recruiting targets Coleman Hawkins, Martice Mitchell and top priority Cliff Omoruyi also can play the four.

According to his coach--from the article linked above—Reiber is a verstile 6’10”. He has great touch and vision. He can shoot the three, which is important for how the college game is growing. Reiber can potentially develop into a star player over time, and prove to be a vital piece of the 2020 class.

Welcome to the banks, Dean!


Solid commit

We have four ships for 2020, three of which need to be bigs, preferably one true 5 (Cliff Omoruyi, please) and two combo forwards. Reiber fills one of the forward spots, and we’re still in the mix for Martice Mitchell and Coleman Hawkins.

Agreed. I do think a 1 or a 3 should be a priority in the class, too. Granted, we could possibly get away with not having a 1 for 2020 and going hard after them in 2021. It might be good to have someone in the system, though, even if they redshirt.

Hope Reiber gets the ball rolling for the 2020 class

Things have seemed pretty slow on the recruiting front. Good get for Pikiell.

hey Dave it's still football season!

Nice commit by Pikiell for the 2020 class. Hope Dean can shoot free throws well.

Pikiell and staff are at it again!

Once again they appeared to have identified a player with major upside who hasn’t reached his full potential yet. Like Eugene, Geo, Myles, Harper, McConnell and Mulcahy, Reiner will be another in the long line of players that play for Pike at RU who far exceed their original ratings/expectations. This is how you build a program.

A stretch 4 who looks like he isn’t afraid to mix it up. Just what the doctor ordered.
In Pike I Trust!

THis guy doesn’t look scary nor intimidating. Is he any good? What’s his national, state, and position ranking?

Is he a pretty good regarded player given he’s in the 2020 class which is supposed to be the best in recent years.

You know all the fans are in the midst of trying and reinventing the wheel with this whole football thing?

While he doesn't seem special on the surface

He was apparently a high priority for Pikiell according to another article. Add the coach’s track record of identifying talent irregardless of recruiting rankings and that’s good enough for me

Ok just read the piece, just got my answer....he’s ranked 50 nationally.

Let’s see how he does as a player, but I have a hunch he’s a muchhh longerrr development project type of player

247 Sports has him 269th nationally

And 50th as a power forward.

A top 50 power forward is what I said. Not top 50 overall.

He is similarly ranked to what

Geo Baker was ranked.

I know I was clarifying what IGN said

I know

I was clarifying myself for… myself. (And IGN)

Also upping the number of comments.

I will up the comments too.

Yeah saw it 50 ranking in position...Not overall. I just didnt clarified further.

Still, wouldn’t you expect Pikkiel to secure better players by now instead of still going after undervalued players? Just saying I would expect coach and comp to begin securing more prominent players.
But I see this player is one of those Geo Baker type. No problem just don’t want the 2020 commit class to be underwhelming considering the 2020 class is stacked.

Let’s hope the rest of the 2020 class has got better players that will have a more immediate impact considering pur new facility and how much the program has come in the last 3 yrs.

The more interesting ranking is 13 in North Carolina

A state that turns out major league talent.

Oh he's from No Carolina? 13th in NC not bad

I thought Pike and staff had earned our trust when it comes to player evaluations???

I mean there are zero signs that this is a reach. Player rankings are often not the end all be all. We aren’t at the end of the recruiting period so this isn’t some last-ditch attempt to fill a spot. He is exactly what this team needs – a stretch 4, who btw looks pretty skilled at blocking shots without fouling if you watched his video highlights.

I love getting players who are a little late to the game, too. They seem to have more of a ceiling since they are still learning and developing. Watching his tape I see a kid with good hands, good feet and a sweet stroke. I mean it’s a textbook shooting technique – simple and efficient.

Maybe pay for play is excluding Rutgers from getting better players?

Remember Naz Reid?


With the exception of Mathis no recent commit really looked great in their Jr. highlights. Some have taken big strides in their HS Senior season or benefited from a full season on campus before showing significant improvement. Definitely a project right now but a lot can change in 15 months before he’s asked to contribute. A 6’10 kid with a smooth stroke is a pretty good start, especially with the recent development we’ve seen in our big men the last few years. Add 15-20 lbs on him and he looks like your standard stretch 4 in the Big Ten. This kid fits in the system perfectly. Great job by Pike picking up guys that fit the program instead of chasing the hype.


Welcome Dean! Great way to get the class started

semi off topic basketball question

What is the 3 point line in high school? Is it what it was in college prior to the upcoming year? Any thoughts on them also using the international distance that college is moving to?

Per wikipedia

High school 3 pt distance in "most" districts/conferences and so on is 19.75 feet.

Thanks, the kids are probably too young to have to play at the longer distance

But I’m glad that college did, b/c they’re pretty much adults by then (18+).

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