Commit alert! Rutgers Football gets verbal pledge from Sofian Massoud

The Rutgers backfield will be more crowded with Massoud.
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We are just into Spring Practice for many college football teams, including Rutgers who began on Friday. The Scarlet Knights secured a verbal commitment from athlete and two-way standout Sofian Massoud, out of Cardinal Hayes in the Bronx. The first member of the 2020 recruiting class, he announced today via twitter.

The New York City product holds offers from two other Power Five schools already (Boston College and Virginia) per 247sports. Fellow Big Ten schools Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State have also shown interest as well. At 6’1” and 180 pounds, Massoud is almost a four star prospect with a year to play, the 3rd best overall in New York State for the 2020 class according to the 247 composite which includes other sources. 247 itself has him as the 3rd best player in state and 21st best athlete in the country.

Rutgers is recruiting Sofian at quarterback, one of the reasons he chose the Scarlet Knights over other teams who were pursuing him at defensive back. An athlete like Massoud is often recruited by major programs to play another position, especially early on in the cycle. Rutgers was willing to offer the QB position as they did with Zamar Wise previously in the hopes of securing such an elite talent.

As a quarterback, Massoud shows tremendous poise and good feet which help his pocket presence. It’s worth noting in his highlights Sofian completes to a variety of different pass routes including intermediate cross, deep cross, seam, post, and a number of other back shoulder throws. He’s no one trick pony when unleashing the ball downfield and is always a threat to run. Massoud’s highlight reel includes a lot of plays as a safety as well where his instincts are on full display. These don’t translate apples to apples in all three phases, but it sure can’t hurt.

By virtue of his athleticism, Massoud can often be very risk averse right after the snap and not have to force throws into tight windows. He will have less time to make plays in the Big Ten and will need to throw the ball to the first open read. His ball has some good zip on it, but sometimes he slings the ball from a low angle and is at risk for being batted down at the line of scrimmage.

Massoud is at worst a high three-star athlete who will compete somewhere on the field, even if not quarterback, in his career. He most likely will be able to contribute in quarterback sub packages by his second season a la Ray Lucas. Plain and simple Massoud could be a star with dual-threat potential not seen at the QB position on the banks in quite some time.

I like the pickup because Massoud is the first player in this class and as a quarterback he will be seen as a leader of the group who can more easily recruit other players. It also demonstrates a willingness of the RU coaching staff to explore a more flexible offensive approach. Rutgers isn’t going to surpass Big Ten East foes Michigan and Ohio State in the trenches anytime soon, so it makes sense that a mobile quarterback with elite athleticism could escape pressure and make a few plays the traditional pocket passer cannot.

Here are some of Massoud’s highlights:

Welcome to the banks Sofian!


I thought he'd want to play for a spread offense

I guess McNulty is willing to flex the offense for a dual threat QB. Hopefully this doesn’t rule out Alaimo. In any case, welcome to the banks, Sofian.

Nice suprise pick-up

Not sure anyone expected this but apparently his Wednesday visit to RU made a big impression. Very excited to get this highly ranked kid. Seems like a leader who wants to recruit NYC for the team. And yes, the questions about will Ash take 2 QBs in this class will now begin and make for some good message board commentary. Also any impact on Wise and his role if he qualifies?

regarding Wise

We’ll know for sure by April 1st at the latest (no fooling).


what would be the critical factor that would be resolved by April 1st?
Have gotten the impression that there is a "clearinghouse" issue – or issues -in need of resolution…. which might be a variety of things…. and if this is the case – it has always seemed to be very difficult to pin down the NCAA Clearing house to a specific date to deliver an answer.

From what I read, that's the deadline for Wise to be academically qualified

He hasn’t qualified yet. I’m not sure if it’s due to GPA, SAT score, both or something else. But the fact is that he has until April 1st to get qualified, otherwise RU will have to forfeit his scholarship.

Here’s an article that mentions the 4/1 date:


Zamir Wise is verbally committed – but since he is not formally "signed" – if he is unable to meet the requirements of the clearing house – there is no reason that RU will have to "forfeit" his scholarship – RU would have the option of providing that spot to someone else…. like maybe Brian Ugwu ?

Perhaps he can persuade his brother

to decommit from Wake…………

Unfortunately his brother signed

So unless something happens at the school that lets him out of his LOI then he’s going to Wake

Danny Manning’s future? ... uncertain?

who knows – which way this goes – might give you that "something happens at the school that lets him out of his LOI " …. maybe

Danny Manning's future

is hanging by a thread.

Listen I think given the current situation

If that happened Pikiell wouldn’t be able to pick up his phone quick enough to give Ismael a call haha

Looks good to me.

Welcome to the Banks Mr. Massoud.

Considering Lewis requested to go back to tight end it looks like Ash will likely sign two QBs for this cycle.

Alaimo is still in play. We only have 3 scholarship QBs on the roster now.

This is a good pick up.

Finally, a smart move with the offense. I’ve been saying that the staff should’ve be recruiting dual threat QBs since we changed from the spread. I honestly don’t understand why almost every team doesn’t look for mobile QBs. In Rutgers’ case, it’s important to have someone who can run if the pocket breaks down quickly. Being creative in the run game should be the main emphasis of this offense.

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