Five big picture takeaways from Greg Schiano’s introductory press conference

Aaron Breitman

Piscataway - The day most fans and supporters of Rutgers football had hoped for finally happened. Greg Schiano was formally introduced by Rutgers as the next head coach of the program. President Robert Barchi, Governor Phil Murphy, Athletic Director Pat Hobbs and Schiano all spoke during this celebratory event. Here are some key moments and takeaways from the hour long press conference, followed by video of all the speeches and Q&A session with the media at the end of this article.

Plenty more to come with additional news and takes from today, including Schiano’s impassioned plea to fans, but here is video of the the press conference in full.


Somebody get me an AX!

The story about his unplanned visit to campus that Friday night and the chopping your way out of a cold dark forest were awesome! Great start to a new chapter!

I thought it was hilarious how when he was coach the first time, he had to hide Livingston campus from recruits!

As a graduate student coming from out of state in 1999 I lasted 1 semester on the Livingston Campus graduate housing

I quickly moved into a brick oven of a housing unit on College Ave.

Ah the Quadjects!

I remember those well!

After hearing that speech

If I still lived in NJ, no tree would be safe!

Keep chopping!!

Too bad there's probably no need for an out-of-shape middle-aged guy on the roster

I’m ready to run through a brick wall for the guy after listening to him!

Good summary article Aaron

of a great and inspiring press conference.


Greg just has it. Gravitas. Charisma. Eye of the tiger. Intensity. Passion. Focus. Energy. The ability to INSPIRE.

You name it, he’s got it.

All qualities that good head coaches have. My goodness what a difference from our previous coach.

"Rutgers Football – All In"

He won the press conference, which I think we all pretty much expected. He spoke with passion and talked about the lessons he’s learned, while also mentioning that he’s going to let his staff do their jobs.

He already has one solid coach on his staff – now he just needs to knock it out of the park with the other 9 assistants to make sure it’s a staff that can go toe-to-toe with almost anyone. We need to finally hire a top notch OC and DC and pay them accordingly so they’ll both stick around for 3-5 years.

He has a great story to tell

with Devon McCourty being a two star recruit with only one major college offer and now is a Probowl safety and running out of fingers for those Super Bowl rings.

I don't know about you guys, but I put a deposit down for season tickets.

Driving 5 hours to get to a game isn’t something I’ve done much of, but Schiano has sparked a desire in me to watch this program grow up close.

Checking out campus and hoping this deal works out. Him signaling that he can’t micromanage like before (always keep the main thing the main thing). Bringing back F.A.M.I.L Y and Chop. Calling out all of Jersey to bring on the support, and telling boosters that their money is important for RU.

Schiano just recruited ALL of us.

BTW, I saw in Fatukasi’s Twitter that his younger brother was Schiano’s first offer.

I’m psyched

I’m ready to run through a wall after watching that presser

Just look at the difference between Schiano and Ash

Jeez. Maybe I’m on the "Hobbs WTF were you doing train" with the Ash hiring.

I initially wrote this comment to copy and paste some links that were said after Ash was hired – which are the same things being said now that Greg is on board, but damn. Watching that intro video and Ash stumble over his words, talk about god damn smiles, and mention "organizational alignment" (for some reason) is truly eye-opening.

My experience

with some 30 years of management time some people can just ace an interview but can’t execute after they get the job. I am willing to give Hobbs some slack on that hire as I am guessing most of the pick and shovel work had already been done. He had only been on the job a week. I just think it took way too long to recognize the error as season after season there was no improvement.

Slack? Maybe a little, but he extended his contract!!


I don’t get why people don’t understand this. Kyle Flood is the one who forced the extension, because it’s his dirty hands that kept us from interviewing Babers or Brohm. They wanted nothing to do with the sanctions and RU. Every coach knew we had NCAA sanctions potentially coming. Thankfully, they weren’t hefty, but we still would have to extend any coach hired because those sanctions "hinder" recruiting and on field performance to an extent.

Nobody would take the job because of the sanctions? So we had to extend the contract That is your excuse?
Chris Ash took it, right! Lol
Keeping a losing coach because of sanctions is about as sorry as a comment as I’ve ever seen you make here, And you’ve made quite a few

But you know what, today is a new day. In the spirit of Coach Schiano…I love you my fellow RU fan(s). We’ve all been through a lot and even though we may not always agree, we all share a love for the Scarlet Knights and want the best.

An automatic extension in the case of sanctions was literally in Ash’s original contract

It’s been discussed here and on many other outlets that discuss Rutgers football, including the podcast.

Yes, there was a "Memorandum of Agreement". It was not a guarantee.

A few days ago Schiano didn’t sign a contract, only a "Memorandum of Agreement"

A memorandum of agreement is a piece of paper that state the essential provisions of an agreement (salary, term, perks, etc.), an agreement that the parties will sign a "real contract" that incorporates the terms in the memorandum at a later date, and in for sports coaches, language saying that the memorandum creates a binding agreement.

Coaches and universities usually sign these things because a real contract can take weeks or months to negotiate and the coach needs to do be locked down and do coach duties right away and cannot wait weeks or months to finalize a contract that could be dozens of pages long.

So to get back to the original point, anything on Ash’s "Memorandum of Agreement" is binding on the university, if they promised an extension in the event of sanctions and sanctions happen, then Rutgers must extend Ash.

Thanks for making that point

I’ve further researched and discovered you guys are right.
I was unaware of the guaranteed extension.
My apologies.


How many times did we say the extension was going to be there for anyone in the contract language from the start?!?!?!

Holy hell, the wall that we were talking to finally was run through for you to realize Hobbs’s hands were tied on that issue.

I still rec'd you for realizing your error on the matter

I just get worked up when Hobbs gets blamed for the extension, when he really had no choice on the matter.

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