Demand justice for Tim Pernetti


"Everyone was on board with the suspension, including the Committee for Athletics, which included several members of the Board of Governors, and the president of the university to the point that Pernetti was effusively praised in December board meetings for his handling of the situation by all parties," the source said. "When the tape came out in April, although Pernetti shared in December that it would, they isolated Tim, and reacted to the media and the public outcry. Trenton had their hands in this too."

Demand justice for Tim Pernetti

Rutgers may have violated gender discrimination laws


Multiple sources confirmed that committee co-chairwoman Kate Sweeney, who personally added Hermann to the list presented by Parker Executive Search, was intent on getting a woman hired, a plan so obvious that it caused some male candidates to pull themselves from consideration when they felt it was apparent Hermann was the clear favorite.

And now Rutgers is probably going to be subject to a hiring discrimination lawsuit. Pushing for women and minorities to get opportunities to be hired for one thing, but what Sweeney is alleged to have done is a violation of federal law.

Myles Mack, Another Loyal Son


Whatever I start, I always finish. I started here so I’m going to finish here. I would love for (others) to stay but if they see a career for themselves somewhere else that’s better than here, that’s for them to say.

Myles Mack talked to Jerry Carino today.

Hurley Tested, Hurley Approved.


Eddie is a good choice. He brings NBA experience. There’s a lot of stuff that would make somebody want to play for him if they’re not completely damaged by what happened."

Bob Hurley, Sr. talked to Zach Braziller of the NY Post about the impending Jordan hire.

Pernetti is Safe


A source close to the Rutgers University Board of Trustees told "Outside the Lines" on Wednesday afternoon that "Pernetti's job is safe" because of his prior work on getting Rutgers into a lucrative Big 10 deal last fall.

Per this ESPN article.



It may be that Rutgers is waiting to fire Rice until after the Murdock wrongful termination suit is settled. If they fire him now, it could be construed as an admission of liability, a legal source told "Rutgers has to be very careful because to the extent it can be demonstrated they were on notice of what he was doing, that’s going to come back against the university," the source said.

That's what I've been thinking too.

Chris Griffin Talks RU Commitment


I loved the relationships that the players have with one another. The coaches all have great relationships with the players too. Everyone up here from coaches to players is passionate and loves the game of basketball. I love that. "And a Rutgers degree goes a long way. Great academics. I just feel comfortable there."

Griffin tells SNY's Matt Sugam.



Rutgers basketball is going to happen. It may be slower than most people would like, but it's going to happen.

Mike Rice after last night's win.

Big win


Big win against an evenly matched Seton Hall team. Great way to end the conference series. Hopefully they continue to play out of conference against each other. It's a great rivalry. We finally saw some defense out of Rutgers down the stretch. Love the aggressive play! Hopefully they can take some momentum into the Big East tourney.

The Scarlet Knights aren't the worst team in the Big East, but they are the league's worst...


The Scarlet Knights aren't the worst team in the Big East, but they are the league's worst defensive team. They don't produce turnovers, they give up too many offensive rebounds and they're letting opponents shoot nearly 47 percent from inside the arc. All of those things will be problems in Big East play.

Gary Parrish picks Rutgers to finish 13th in the Big East and makes a very valid point about their defense. It must improve. However, Rutgers is still good enough to win 7 conference games. And if the defense comes up to Mike Rice standards, they could be even better. Then there's this poll which has Rutgers at 28th in the nation, and pegged for 10 Big East wins.