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I've really enjoyed this community over the past few years. Especially with all the B1G excitement and new members. However, this is the second time that an "On The Banks" editorial has raised some controversy. Everyone is certainly entitled to his or her opinion. But wouldn't it make more sense to have RUScoop post his opinions undyer his own handle, and reserve an On The Bank written article for when the entire editorial board is in agreement, or when reporting news? I appreciate RU Scoop's founding of the former site. But when a critical piece goes out under the On the Banks heading, it can be confusing to members and visitors from other schools alike. Just some food for thought.


Syracuse HC loves recruiting violations


"If they're out there encouraging people to come to Syracuse, I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't think it's one of those situations that it's harmful."

Of course, Coach Shafer, the NCAA might disagree with you on that. I've always thought it was completely insane that Syracuse recruiting staffer Eric White actively encourages fans to inundate recruits on Twitter. Yeah, Rutgers wouldn't care at all if Kyle Flood wasn't getting destroyed on the recruiting trail, but this absolutely seems like asking for trouble and destined to not end well.

Rutgers football facilities vs. the rest of the Big Ten


"Ohio State’s practice field is better than everybody,’’ DiNardo said. "Wisconsin practices inside its stadium every day. Rutgers is almost identical to Iowa. So no problem with their practice field. "Football facility, Ohio State is better, Penn State is better, Michigan is better (but) they’re better than Northwestern, they’re better than Illinois, they’re better than Purdue."

This is from Keith Sargeant's recent interview with Gerry DiNardo.

Julie Hermann Expects Stringer Back


[Women's Head Coach C. Vivian Stringer} is going to take us into the Big Ten. I don’t know how long we will arm-wrestle over the details of a contract about what she wants and what Rutgers can do, but my intent is for (her) to lead us into the Big Ten and her intent is to do so."

Julie Hermann announced in a wide ranging and compelling interview with Ryan Dunleavy.

Logan Kelley Speaks


Coach’s attitude during our workouts is awesome, everyone’s having fun and is ready to be there every day, Coach (Van) Macon and (David) Cox seem to be revitalized after all the nonsense. Everything is going great and I’m real proud and real glad of how things are going, not just for me, but for everyone."

Logan Kelley speaks after a JSBL game.

Eddie Jordan's Recruiting Acumen


Absolutely, if you meet Jordan he’s a great guy, very personable. His track record speaks for itself. His experience speaks for itself and the kids will want to be a part of that. I’m sure he’ll get more. It’s only the beginning. I’m sure it’s going to be an eye-opener for him and New York City.

Mike Williams' coach Ed Gonzalez talks about how Eddie Jordan is a natural recruiter.

Julie Hermann Speaks


I think I would say with creating a different culture it starts immediately. It starts with how we work as a staff. How we work together, how we can set a tone. I spoke at the (introductory) press conference of healing from the inside out and I think we have tremendous talent on this staff. So it's really about empowering them and setting them free to do what they do well. I think that has already started.

Tom Luicci (among others) scored an interview with Ms. Hermann today.