Notre Dame leaving for the ACC


Is this the end game? Depends on whether ESPN wants to crush the Big East once and for all. The way to do that of course would be to stop Tim Pernetti, the one man who has kept the Big East afloat over the past year as Providence worked to destroy the conference. Rutgers is a clear choice in football obviously, and with Jim Calhoun near retirement, let's hope that if the ACC makes a basketball decision, it's a little more muddled. I actually like the fact that Notre Dame is leaving the Big East from a basketball perspective, as anything that hurts the league's basketball programs relatively is a good. However, this will hurt the football teams' bowl access.

Lester Liston to Rutgers


You usually don't see Rutgers dipping into the midwest too often, or the prep school ranks for that matter, but the team is apparently making an exception for Lester Liston. He is a former CIncy commit who didn't qualify last season, and went to prep school to get his grades up. That aspect will be worth watching before it's possible to evaluate this commit fairly.

Join the Rutgers Fans NFL Pick'em League


Just thought I'd create a Pick'em league for Rutgers Fans. It's open to all and just for fun so please invite any fellow RU and NFL enthusiasts you know. I'm not a member on Rivals or Scout but if any of you guys are please feel free to invite the folks on those boards. Here is the URL Good luck!

2011 Big East tax returns


I've been periodically checking GuideStar every so often to see when the Big East would release an updated 990 form (which nonprofits have to file with the IRS.) It was tough slogging for a while, but once again I finally hit pay dirt. Want to see what John Marinatto made last year for his "leadership"? That'll be page 7. Revenue numbers start on page 9. What exactly is the difference between the two sets of payout figures? One says Rutgers was paid $8.16 million by the Big East, while the other says $4.36 million. (Both sets include all schools, and aren't broken down by sport.) In fact, I think they went and filed an updated 2010 form that didn't include that breakdown, as I remember it from last year. Forms for private universities such as Syracuse remain a useful source of information - the last page of SU's sheet indicates a $1.9 million payout to Jim Boeheim, and a $1.26 million payout to Doug Marrone. Another item of note: the Big Ten paid approximately $23 million to its member teams in this time period, while the ACC ranged from $11 to $14 million.

Tulane depth chart released


Thoughts: 1. Listing wideout positions is a copout. Yes, Rutgers is ridiculously loaded at WR. We still want to know who #3 and #4 are. Leonte Carroo ended up not cracking this. 2. Civil beat Alexander at RG. 3. In a mild upset, Jawan Jamison isn't the official starter over Savon Huggins. 4. As expected, Paul Carrezola gets the nod above D.C. Jefferson at TE. 5. Mike Larrow is justly exiled to devil's island, with the R unexpectedly having the dreaded OR separating Glaud from Booker. 6. It was expected, but it's now confirmed that Al Page beat Marquise Wright and Darius Hamilton jumped Ken Kirksey, et al. Kirksey was one of the surprise disappointments thus far, not that it's in any way fair to start writing him off yet. 7. Longa over Gause at WLB is a mild surprise, but more of an endorsement of the former than an indictment of the latter. It's possible Quanzilla would be the backup MLB if healthy. 8. Juice/Cooper is still an OR at CB. Johnson/Glashen is as well for the fourth spot, now that Mase is the backup SS.

Sheldon Royster finished at South Carolina


The Woodbridge native Royster is no longer on the South Carolina roster. What a difference a few years make. G.A. Mangus was arrested for public intoxication, their South Jersey booster slush fund was shut down (with of course, only a slap on the wrist from the NCAA as a result), and Tanner McEvoy is leaving the program as well. Wait, so you mean a football factory that never had any issues does not care about the well-being of its players? Well, I never! In the meanwhile, Rutgers now has to contemplate the wisdom of going after Royster. He's presumably interested as a local who almost picked RU, and there's a hole in the roster at safety following Rashad Knight's transfer. A homecoming could make sense on many levels, but one remaining X-factor will be Royster's treatment of his widely-reported Type I Diabetes condition. Update: it's official. Royster is coming home.

Rutgers out for Jermaine Lawrence


Big programs came calling and Rutgers never stood a chance.

Bryant Gross commits to Rutgers


Rutgers is losing a few senior defensive backs this season, and hasn't recruited a ton of players at the position during the past few years, making corner and safety big recruiting priorities for this year's class. Athletes Justin Goodwin and Anthony Cioffi are decent bets to end up in the secondary, and Rutgers is still hard after Piscataway CB Nadir Barnwell, but Rutgers still needed more bodies after that. Gross seems like a good get at safety, but Rutgers still probably needs to go after two more corners in this class.