Rutgers Football Scrimmage Highlights and Flood Press Conference


Here are highlights from Saturday night's scrimmage and Flood's comments regarding the team's performance. Both quarterbacks played well, splitting reps with the first and second teams. Flood should announce his decision as to who will start the season by Tuesday at the latest.

Kyle Flood discusses OL Rotation, TE Depth and Special Teams


Head coach Kyle Flood discusses the team after Day 11 of training camp. At this point it is likely the decision on the starting quarterback will be made after Saturday's scrimmage. Flood said "I know everybody is anxiously awaiting. I understand that. Ultimately when we do it we want it to be final and when the decision is ready to be made we will make it." Stay tuned...

Rutgers Football: Kyle Flood talks Kaiwan Lewis, the Fridge, "Dog Days" of August


Coach Kyle Flood addresses the media after Day 10 of training camp on Wednesday.

A Top 25 Rutgers fans should be happy not to make


How many arrests has each program had over the last 5 years.

Rutgers Football: Kyle Flood talks Kaiwan Lewis, QB Battle


The day after the first scrimmage, Coach Flood confirms the QB battle between Chris Laviano and Hayden Rettig is close. The wait continues. Kaiwan Lewis was elevated to first-team middle linebacker. The next scrimmage is Saturday night.

Highlights from Monday's Scrimmage


Monday was the first scrimmage of training camp. Here are the highlights from RVision.

Training Camp Day 6: Kyle Flood Press Conference


The first week of training camp is complete. Kyle Flood addresses the media after Saturday's double practice session. Monday is the first scrimmage of training camp.

Eli Carter-On the move again


Eli Carter, who transferred to Florida from RU, is now transferring to BC from UofF. I guess he didn't like the warm weather?