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B1G Basketball

B1G Men's Basketball Power Rankings

B1G Basketball Power Rankings: Week 1

NBA draft preview & Rutgers draft history

Rutgers Basketball Attendance: Size matters

And so does your conference. Look at what the Big Ten has done for us.

Big Ten is Big Apple Bound

But will Rutgers be ready?

B1G FB Attendance: Big stadiums, big numbers

It's a simple formula: Have a popular sport and a pretty good team and a huge facility and....lots of people tend to show up

Featured Fanshot

Picking the Best of #RHoops

Today, Jerry Carino posted an article in which a panel of writers, fans and me picked the best Rutgers basketball players ever. It was a fun, little exercise, and you can find the breakdown of the participants' picks I'll say this: The nostalgic fan in me wanted badly to get Geoff Billet and Rob "Bloody Jersey" Hodgson in there, but in good conscience, I couldn't do it.