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What’s up with the poor shot selection? A deeper dive on Rutgers shooting woes

Rutgers shooters have been painful to watch recently, what’s the reason why?

The Rutgers Men’s Basketball team suffered another heartbreaking loss on Sunday. This time, it came as the No. 2 Purdue Boilermakers shed their demons against Rutgers in Piscataway as they handed the Knights a 68-60 loss, their ninth of the season. With their March Madness hopes hanging by a thread, one has to wonder why the Knights have struggled so much this season?

It seems obvious why and we got a major glimpse at it during the Purdue game, especially the first half. I am talking, of course, about the poor shot selection. Lets get something straight, this is not a three-point shooting team. Rutgers, right now, lacks a true three-point shooter who can be a respected threat from beyond the arc. With that in mind, why did the Knights come out shooting threes like crazy? Rutgers is shooting just 29% from beyond the arc and went 4-for-16 from deep against Purdue.

So that begs the question, why try to shoot so many threes? There is no real answer to this as the Knights bread and butter has always been to play inside.

The three-pointers were not the only issue during the first half. Rutgers players were taking a lot of shots while being completely blanketed by defenders rather than passing out to someone with a better shot. This led to a poor shooting percentage and many fans asking themselves “Why are you taking that shot”.

However, Rutgers did shoot a lot better in the second half. They shot 50% from the field. This was due to the higher emphasis they put on spreading the ball around and finding the better shot. This allowed Rutgers to claw their way back within two points. Unfortunately, this momentum didn’t last as Purdue pulled away in the final minutes.

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