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Rutgers Football: A look back at the Pinstripe Bowl through the eye of a fan

A recap of fan emotions during Rutgers first bowl win in 9 years!

On Dec. 28, Rutgers secured its first bowl win in the Greg Schiano 2.0 era with its 31-24 victory over the Miami Hurricanes in the Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl. The back and fourth game was cause for Rutgers fans to leave the game drenched in sweat and had the passionate fan on the edge of their seat until the very end.

The beginning of the game was full of good fortune for the Knights and their faithful. Two touchdown drives where the team marched right down the field had the mostly red Yankee stadium feeling like this game was going to be a breeze. The scoreboard playing the Rutgers-Soprano’s intro had the fans feeling like they never left SHI stadium. Then the team surrendered 17 straight points and the game was on.

The mood of the once happy fan base quickly shifted to one of panic as it looked like the team was out of sorts on the field. The happiness in the stands quickly broke into a state of uneasiness as a few brawls broke out in the stands between Rutgers and Miami fans. Then came Trevor Yeboah-Kodie and his blocked punt to give the Rutgers fans faith again.

The Fans were revitalized and the R! U! chant sounded again. The momentum kept going as quarterback Gavin Wimsatt scored on a 1 yard tush-push, putting Rutgers up 28-17. A field goal by kicker Jai Patel had the team up 31-17.

However, in true Rutgers fashion, the ending of the game was full of nail biting and sweating. First, Miami takes it down the field quickly to score. Then, on the onside kick, Rutgers hands team fails to secure the ball giving Miami the ball back with time to score. You could feel the air leave the stadium as all Rutgers fans gasped simultaneously.

However, this would not be the ending Hurricanes fans wanted. The Rutgers defense stood tall and stopped the Hurricanes on fourth down to secure the victory.

On the banks of the old Raritan sounded throughout Yankee stadium. The R! U! chant rang throughout the subway back to Penn Station. Rutgers had just secured it’s first winning season and it’s first bowl win since 2014.