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Rutgers Basketball: What is going on with Gavin Griffiths?

The Rutgers basketball player has had an unexpectedly rough season so far.

Gavin Griffiths exploded onto the scene in Piscataway posting 25 points in just his second game with the Scarlet Knights. However, since then he has only put up double-digit points twice. This has been seen as a major let down because of how highly Griffiths was recruited. In fact, in four games this season, Gavin failed to put up any points despite having 17 or more minutes in two of those matches. In the last seven games, he has only put up a total of 11 combined points, including four games at zero, and has seen dwindling playing time because of his poor performance.

So that begs the question, why has this season been so rough for Griffiths?

I believe that his struggles can be attributed to the structure of the team around him rather than Griffiths himself. The Scarlet Knights right now lack a player that can create plays for his teammates. Paul Mulcahy was that player for the Knights last year before he adopted a shoot first mentality, something that contributed to the doom of last year's squad. The team this year is suffering from the same issue that the team at the end of last year had.

So, I believe this has more to do with the poor team structure rather than Gavin not having the necessary talent. Gavin is a shooter and college shooters often need someone to develop a play that allows them to capitalize. If Rutgers were to have a true role player that sets up his teammates, Gavin’s stats should be much better. With the upcoming recruiting class, Gavin’s numbers should go up next season as many of the recruits are known as guys who can do it all, including set up their teammates to make plays.

In addition, his rough transition to college ball could just be growing pains, something that can be overcome with time and experience.