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OTB Staff Roundtable Week 5 Predictions: Wagner at Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights will return home to host Wagner on Saturday afternoon.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 23 Rutgers at Michigan Photo by Bob Kupbens/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Rutgers returns home on Saturday to host Wagner coming off its first loss of the season.

The Scarlet Knights defeated the Seahawks 66-7 last season and have a chance to put up a lopsided score once again. Just how lopsided will it be? Check out how the staff here at OTB pictures the game playing out.

Greg Patuto: There is not much to say here. Open up the playbook, give the crowd something to cheer about, and stay healthy. Rutgers has a chance to show off some new offensive plays and let Gavin Wimsatt throw the ball around a little here. Hopefully there will be time to rest some starters early in the second half. Rutgers gets to four wins and one final cupcake before the Big Ten gauntlet begins. Rutgers 52, Wagner 7

Jack Schocket: WIN BIG, STAY HEALTHY. That’s all there is to it tomorrow against Wagner. Yes, it’ll be good to get Wimsatt some more reps and allow younger and more inexperienced players some time on the field, but at the end of the day, you’re playing Wagner. I’d like to see the offense free of any type of struggle while the ones are in, then make sure you get them out before they get hurt. Could we see Evan Simon or Ajani Sheppard? The Scarlet Knights need to just dominate. Rutgers 48, Wagner 6

Matt Forno: Three objectives for this game: 1. Let Gavin air it out/cook (as the kids say). Need at least a couple long completions/TDs. 2. Defensive/special teams TD 3. STAY HEALTHY. This is a game Rutgers should dominate start to finish, regardless of what group of players are on the field for the Knights. Anything less than utter domination is a concern in my book. Rutgers has a B1G game the following week on the road against Wisconsin. This game against Wagner should help the offense, specifically Gavin, continue to build confidence and generate momentum. Also, call me crazy but I would not hate a couple Jai Patel field goals. LETS CHOP! Rutgers 55, Wagner 0

Andrew Rice: The two most important things for this game for Rutgers is to put it away early and stay healthy. This is a game that Rutgers should be using as an opportunity to fine tune some issues and as a confidence booster. Momentum could be a decisive factor once Big Ten play starts so Rutgers should be looking to get some with a blowout win here. Let Gavin throw the ball long on some plays and get a couple of quick scores before taking most of the starters out at halftime. It is hard to imagine this score being close. Rutgers 56, Wagner 7

John Dean: I will be echoing the thoughts of my fellow contributors here. Rutgers is head and shoulders better than Wagner. This game will not be close, and Rutgers main priorities should be to get into a rhythm offensively and stay off the injury report. I’d like to see the offense make some plays, get some positive momentum, and then sit out the entire second half. The same goes for the defense. Get some sacks and turnovers and put our star players in bubble wrap for the next few weeks. The next three games at Wisconsin home vs Michigan State and at Indiana decide how successful the season is in my opinion. Therefore take care of Wagner, but also try to use this as a semi bye week. Rutgers 45, Wagner 3

Francis Hearne: I would expect most of us had this game penciled in as a win as son as it was announced. Not much has changed in those feelings, but it is now time for Rutgers to take care of business. This team has done an excellent job thus far of not playing down to lesser opponents. I want to se the team come out focused, dot the I’s, cross the T’s, and leave no doubt. As we all should know by now, no opponent should be taken lightly. So I’m expecting some aggressive play early to build a quick lead, and then use the remainder of the game to try some new concepts and get younger players more reps. Hopefully we see Gavin air it out a bit to build his confidence, as well. Almost as important as pulling out the W, is staying healthy. This team needs to be at full strength as they head into, what I believe, is the most important stretch of the season. Rutgers 55, Wagner 0