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Rutgers Football: 3 things Scarlet Knights need to do to beat Wagner

The Scarlet Knights return home on Saturday to take on Wagner!

Last weekend, the Scarlet Knights suffered a tough 31-7 loss to Michigan in Ann Arbor. While that game was not the prettiest, the Scarlet Knights still see themselves on pace to make a bowl game this year. If they hope to do so, they need to take care of Wagner. Rutgers beat Wagner 66-7 last year, and hope to have the same kind of success again this year. There are three things they need to do to achieve that.

1- Set The Tone Early

Wagner, while still being in a lower league than Rutgers, is an improved team from last year. Rutgers should have no issue getting a win against a weaker opponent but that does not mean they can take them lightly. Smaller teams like Wagner grow more confident the longer they hang in a game against a bigger school. Rutgers needs to set the tone early with a couple of quick scores to break Wagner's spirit and dominate the game like they did last year

2- No Turnovers

For the same reason listed above, turnovers can be a major confidence booster for smaller schools when playing bigger schools. The solution for Rutgers then is simple, don’t turn the ball over. Don’t give them extra chances to score and keep the game close. A mistake-free game is the best way for the Knights to get an easy victory.

3- Let Gavin Wimsatt Throw

Letting Wimsatt throw the ball a lot in this game will not only help Rutgers win but it will help their passing attack later in the season. Rutgers has shown us a great running game so far this season. However, to compete further down the line in Big Ten play, the passing offense will need to show some improvement. This game is a perfect opportunity to see what the passing attack can do against lesser competition. This will allow some more fine-tuning to be done. It will also lessen the chance that their running backs will get injured. Gavin also needs to avoid running the ball this game to lessen the chance of him taking a big hit. Passing the ball a lot this game will help Rutgers put this one away early, prepare the offense for later in the season and keep the major contributors healthy.