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NFL Scarlet Zone: How did former Knights perform in Week 1?

How did our Former Scarlet Knights Fair in their respective NFL Season Openers?

As a self proclaimed “Football Guy,” I was ecstatic for the return of the NFL Season. I always want to check in on our guys in the League, and I have had the idea for an “NFL Scarlet Zone,” a take on the wildly popular “NFL Red Zone Channel.”

Instead of taking viewers to whichever game has a team close to scoring, as in Red Zone, Scarlet Zone would flip between games so viewers can watch the former Rutgers players do their thing in each of their games. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening any time soon, so I’ll give you a recap of how each one faired in Week 1.

Christian Izien (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - 3 Tackles, 1 Interception

Izien was the star of the weekend as far as former Scarlet Knights go. After going undrafted, Izien not only made the active roster but earned a starting role as the nickel corner. He proved the coaching staff right as he picked off Kirk Cousins at the goal line for his first career interception. Rutgers fans already knew Christian is a DAWG, and now the rest of the league will find out.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20, Minnesota Vikings 17

Isaiah Pacheco (Kansas City Chiefs)- 8 Carries, 23 Yards; 4 catches, 31 Yards

Pacheco and the Chiefs had a rough night overall opening the NFL season this past Thursday. Pop burst out a few chunk gains in both the run and pass game, but was also stopped for minimal or no gain on other touches. It will be interesting to see how the workload is split up going forward with Jerrick McKinnon and a fully healthy Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Detroit Lions 21, Kansas City Chiefs 20

Gus Edwards (Baltimore Ravens)- 8 Carries, 32 Yards, 2 PT Conversion

Gus was the No. 2 back in Baltimore for Week 1 according to the depth chart, but tied for the lead in carries and was second in rushing yards behind QB Lamar Jackson. With an injury to JK Dobbins, he could be seeing a bigger workload going forward.

Baltimore Ravens 25, Houston Texans 9

Michael Burton (Denver Broncos)- 1 carry, 3 Yards

Burton is the No. 1 Fullback for the Broncos.

Las Vegas Raiders 17, Denver Broncos 16

Christian Braswell (Jacksonville Jaguars)- No stats recorded

Jacksonville Jaguars 31, Indianapolis Colts 21

Sebastian Joseph-Day (Los Angeles Chargers)-No stats recorded

Miami Dolphins 36, Los Angeles Chargers 34

Tyler Kroft (Miami Dolphins)- No stats recorded

Miami Dolphins 36, Los Angeles Chargers 34

Andrew Depaola (Minnesota Vikings)- No stats recorded

Starting Long snapper for the Vikings.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20, Minnesota Vikings 17

Tre Avery (Tennessee Titans)- DNP- Injury

New Orleans Saints 16, Tennessee Titans 15