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Greg Schiano “confident” there will be a consistent five starters along the offensive line

The Scarlet Knights will search for the correct starting five.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Temple Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive line has been a major question mark for Rutgers since Greg Schiano returned to Piscataway in 2020.

Along with many other question marks, this is at the top of the list once again for the Scarlet Knights. As training camp continues, Schiano is looking to find a consistent five starters across the offensive line.

Rutgers will return three starters across the offensive line from 2022. It begins with Hollin Pierce. The 6-foot-8 behemoth has developed quickly during his time in Piscataway. He started all 12 games at right tackle last season and will likely move to the left side this year.

Ireland Brown and Curtis Dunlap Jr. also stared multiple games for Rutgers and bring experience back this season. During camp, Rutgers will look to find the right combination of players. This is something they have not had in the past but Schiano admitted that the shuffle was not by plan.

“We were never trying to rotate the offensive line,” Schiano said following day one of training camp. “That was out of necessity, not preference. I’d love to have five guys that lay together all the time. That’s the way you want it to be. Then you have subs that are there in case you have an injury or equipment issue. We haven’t had that.”

The problems along the offensive line play a part in the lack of explosiveness in the passing attack. Of course, the line struggling means that the quarterback is not given time and receivers are not given a chance to see routes develop down the field. With Gavin Wimsatt taking over as starting quarterback, it is important to give him time to see development.

Pierce protecting the blindside would be a benefit. Players are always going to need a snap or two on the sideline every now and then but Schiano would like to find a consistent five to play a majority of snaps.

“What we’ve done is try to mix it up and keep guy fresh,” Schiano said. “Try to maximize their ability. I’m confident we’re going to have a starting five that play together. I don’t exactly know who that five are going to be but we’ve made improvement there.”