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Rutgers Football: Positions of need for the Scarlet Knights in transfer portal

The Scarlet Knights have a chance to be active in the transfer portal!

Rutgers has been very active in the transfer portal ever since coach Schiano returned to the banks. It has been used to fill positions of desperate need with players looking to get noticed on a team where they believe they would have significant playing time. With the end of the season and players leaving for the draft, now would be a perfect time to start looking at possible transfers. Here are a few positions of need that could be targets in the transfer portal.

1. Quarterback

Many capable quarterbacks have entered the portal and with Wimsatt’s performance last season, it would make sense for Rutgers to take a second look at the position. While Wimsatt was the first QB to lead Rutgers to bowl eligibility in 9 years he has hardly looked like a permanent option at the position. If Rutgers wants to have a more consistent passing offense next season, it has to start here.

2. Wide Receiver

Without a true number 1 receiver last season, it would be in Rutgers best interest if they heavily considered this position. Although they have tried with little success to find a number one receiver in the portal in years past, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t at least try their hand in it. A consistent pass catcher would be great for the offense heading into next season.

3. Cornerback

This has less to do with a hole on the current team but more to do with players that are leaving in the draft. Rutgers is most likely going to lose dynamic playmaker Max Melton to the draft, and while it would be hard to replace his level of production, they need to find a way to add depth to this position that is losing so much.