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Kyle Monangai’s blocking brings extra attention to impressive skillset

Rutgers talented RB brings more to the table then just running!

We all know how effective Kyle Monangai has been running on the ground this year. Through eight games this season, Monangai has had four games with over 100 yards rushing. However, he brings so much more to the table other than his ability to run the football. For example, he has been an excellent blocker, whether that be in pass protection or as a lead blocker. Three notable examples demonstrate this.

The first example that comes to mind shows Monangai as an excellent blocker is a block that he had in pass protection vs Northwestern. A Wildcat linebacker was coming through the line at full speed as Gavin Wimsatt was dropping back to pass on a key third down play in the second quarter. Monangai reads this play perfectly and delivers a monster block on the linebacker and giving Wimsatt time to complete a 12-yard pass down the field and make the conversion. Had Monangai not delivered the block with the force that he did, Wimsatt would have most likely been sacked.

My next example is how he was used as a lead blocker for Wimsatt last Saturday vs Indiana. On a second and 5 play in the first quarter, Monangai as the lead blocker for Wimsatt bulldozes a member of the Indiana secondary to help Wimsatt secure the first down with his legs. In addition, on a second and 10 play in the second quarter, Monangai helps secure the edge with his block on a linebacker to give the Knights first and goal. While Rutgers did not score the touchdown, this play helped set up an easy field goal for kicker Jai Patel.

These are just a few examples of what else Monangai brings to the table other than his running ability.