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OTB Staff Roundtable Week 8 Predictions: Rutgers at Indiana

Check out hw our staff predicts this weekend’s action!

Michigan State v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Rutgers is now 5-2 and preparing for its trip to Bloomington on Saturday. This is the game that could get the Scarlet Knights bowl eligible and to six wins. Will it happen against the Hoosiers?

Below, check out how our staff here at OTB predicts the action for the weekend.

Greg Patuto: This will be the final time we say this during the season — We are entering the most important game of Greg Schiano’s second tenure. Why? Rutgers has five wins and can finally return to a bowl game (legitimately). The schedule was set up well for Rutgers and it has done all it needs to. This includes go unbeaten in non-conference and win bth swing games against Virginia Tech and Michigan State. Now, a familiar foe stands in the way.

Rutgers has had great success against Indiana in recent years. The Scarlet Knights could trending in the right direction while Indiana continues to be on its way down. No, Rutgers is not impressive offensively. It is actually hard to watch most of the time. The way the offense can fix this is continue to ride Kyle Monangai and led a much-improved offensive line set the tone. Expect another big game from No. 5 in the backfield. If this happens and Gavin Wimsatt takes care of the football, it could be another win for the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers 24, Indiana 16.

Francis Hearne: We are all very aware of what is at stake this weekend for Rutgers. This seems like the perfect opportunity for a let down spot; coming off a very emotional win and traveling to a team that we should beat. However, I believe last week we turned a page. This is not the same old Rutgers. This team is full of disciplined players and strong leaders. They will CHOP for 60 mintues. Indiana is not strong against the run, enter Kyle Monangai. The Hoosiers have had issues holding onto to the football, enter the many playmakers on the Scarlet Knight defense. I believe we will come out hot early and then close it out late thanks to a strong defensive effort and run game. Rutgers 27, Indiana 10.

Matt Forno: If I told you Rutgers would have the chance to be 6-2 before their bye week, would you believe me? It sounds so crazy to say out loud, but its right in front of the Scarlet Knights for the taking! Indiana is a mess right now. Tom Allen will most likely be fired at some point (or should be). They keep rotating in 2 QBs. They struggle to score points. This team is not very good. Is Rutgers a perfect team? Nope. Are they an improved team from a year ago? YUP! Do we see more from Gavin Wimsatt through the air? I’m not sure we do. Rutgers NEEDS to win this game. How does Rutgers win game? THEY RUN THE DANG BALL! Im expecting another heavy dose of Kyle Monangai and I’m ready for it. Chop for 60. Win the game. Go bowling. Play with house money the rest of the season! Rutgers 34, Indiana 10

John Dean: This weeks match up is Rutgers best chance to get that sixth win and get to Bowl eligibility. Indiana has been reeling all year and they have a coach who is very much on the hot seat. Their offense is the worst in the Big Ten, they have two different quarterbacks, and they struggle to stop the run. All signs point to this being a game that favors the Scarlet Knights. Can Rutgers finally show up in a big game and dominate? I think they get it done this week. The game will be closer than we want until the late in the second half when Rutgers run game starts to dominate. Kyle Monangai, Aaron Young, and Sam Brown all get in the endzone this week. Scarlet Knights are going bowling. Rutgers 31 Indiana 14