Let’s help Temple’s attendance: paint The Linc Scarlet!!

As I wrote in a Fanpost last Tuesday, "Will the Linc be a cherry-clad arena or will it be more a glorious shade of scarlet."

Apparently I wasn’t alone in that thinking.

The Rutgers Touchdown Club retweeted this RFootball tweet on Wednesday. Pretty cool.

And Greg Schiano, in talking to the media, was pretty jazzed up about playing so close to home with the opportunity to have a good size Rutgers crowd on hand.

"I’ve already heard and I don’t know how accurate it is, but I hear there’s 14 to 20 buses full of Rutgers students going down. And I know our fans, after watching that BC turnout, the way our fans showed up at Boston, I really anticipate we are going to have a heck of a Rutgers turnout down at Lincoln Financial Field.

"Great stadium, great venue and I hear there’s pep rallies everything and else. I love it. Let’s paint that place Scarlet. They are cherry, right? So let’s paint it Scarlet."

Let’s paint it Scarlet. Sounds like a plan to me.

Temple drew just 18,430 to Lincoln Financial Field for its home opener last Saturday. Which meant the fans were outnumbered by the empty seats more than two to one.

Schiano was excited by the fact that RU traveled pretty well to Boston for the season opener. And that is a good five-hour trip from Piscataway. With Philly being maybe 90 minutes at worst from central Jersey, what is the possibility that RU fans outnumber the Owl faithful. Hey, I’m not dissing the Temple fans. I am saying that Rutgers could do very well and, ya know, make a statement.

Last year, Temple averaged 21,464 at home. But that was helped by over 25,000 against BC in the home opener. And as the season got worse for the team, the attendance dropped, too. Hey, happens in Piscataway so don’t get cocky!!

But in the spirit of collegiality and good sportsmanship, I think that the least RU fans could do is help boost Temple’s attendance. And if you get there early, there’s a pep rally at the Xfinity Live! across the street. Free food and t-shirts, people!

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