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NCAA denies Drew Singleton’s appeal to return to Rutgers

Greg Schiano said Monday that they will try one more avenue.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 31 Indiana at Rutgers Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon College Football

The NCAA has denied Rutgers’ linebacker Drew Singleton’s appeal for reinstatement for the 2022 season.

Singleton went undrafted in the 2022 NFL Draft after suffering an injury during the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl that hindered his progress. The linebacker was interested in returning to the Scarlet Knights but head coach Greg Schiano announced Monday that the NCAA has rejected his appeal.

“The NCAA ruled against us,” Schiano said. “So there is another step, a last step that we are certainly going to try. Really disappointed.”

Singleton had declared for the 2022 NFL Draft following a loss to Maryland, which was thought to be the season-finale for Rutgers. When the Scarlet Knights accepted the invitation to the Gator Bowl, Singleton rejoined his teammates and played in the game on eight days notice. He suffered an injury during the game and ended up going undrafted.

Despite returning to play in the bowl game, which is what the NCAA has wanted players to do, Singleton has been denied the chance to return. Schiano said there is one final step the team will take but it is not looking good for the linebacker.

“I stated my feelings beforehand,” Schiano said. “They want guys to play in bowl games. I don’t know, not many teams have accepted a bowl game on eight days notice, had two practices and went and played. I don’t think so. A draft eligible player comes back to play and to me that is pretty special. Unfortunately, he got injured. I just struggle. I think that’s extenuating circumstances. I understand the whole amateurism rule. But eight days notice? That’s extenuating circumstances. I am not sure how you can define that. You get a team ready to go, get a plane during the second biggest outbreak of covid and say that’s not extenuating circumstances. I don’t understand that.”

Singleton made nine starts for Rutgers last season, including the bowl game on New Year’s Eve. He made 59 tackles over the course of the season. Singleton had accepted expenses form his agent for training purposes but all were paid back when he decided to go through the process of returning to Rutgers.

The Scarlet Knights are currently in training camp and Singleton has been present as a volunteer advisor on the sideline.

“I hope and pray that cooler minds prevail and he’s granted the year,” Schiano said last week during Big Ten Media Days.

Rutgers will make one final stand to give the NCAA a chance to use those cooler minds and allow Singleton to return to the Scarlet Knights.