How Do the Brooklyn Nets Connect to Lebron to Rutgers to Son Bronny James

When word leaked this AM about Bronny James looking into Rutgers Basketball program, it was easy to dismiss for a number of reasons, and as I started to think a little more....

LeBron James is in the final (Players Option) and has disagreed in the decisions lately in the team and has refused to sign his extension

LeBron has hinted of a desire to reunite with Kyrie in LA (But the two teams haven't agreed on a package) If you can't get him, join him!

KD has requested to be traded, No deal fits to date that's agreeable.

Phil Jackson the ex husband of the owner of the L A Lakers, Jeannie Buss "advises, they should trade LeBron NOW while he has value, vs. potentially losing him for nothing next year" and rebuild on the fly

LeBron has always desired the possibility of playing with his sons, and some teams have hinted of a possibility of allowing

Lakers trade LeBron straight up for Brooklyn's KD and any other trade chips..

LeBron gets to monitor his sons progress, and can see every possible home game at Rutgers while connecting with the owner of the Nets and his China connections....

I know... seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.. but... you just never know. everything Lebron does is calculated. Just this weekend Bronny goes off for 30 at that big tournament.. and just so happens the next day we get this new possibility of Bronny James considering Rutgers...That doesn't just "Happen" in LeBron world. One can always dream..... (As a Brooklyn Nets AND Rutgers Fan)

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