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Recap of Greg Schiano’s 2022 Big Ten Media Day press conference

The head coach of the Scarlet Knights took the podium Wednesday morning to discuss the 2022 season.

2022 Big Ten Conference Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS — Greg Schiano was the fourth head coach to take the podium on Wednesday during day two of Big Ten Media Days at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Schiano used his 15-minute slot to express his excitement for the upcoming season and unwavering joy to be apart of the Big Ten as a whole. Schiano brought tight end Johnny Langan, safety Avery Young, and punter Adam Korsak with him to represent the Scarlet Knights and had positive things to say about each one of them.

For his punter, Schiano compared him to the Dos Equis beer commercials as “the most interesting man in the world.”

As questions began, it was expected that Schiano would be asked about USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten with a revenue sharing agreement that will begin right away — something that Rutgers did not have. Schiano continued to praise the current state of the Big Ten and how additions will only make it better.

“I’m very excited about UCLA and USC coming into the league,” Schiano said. “What I think it did was take a great league and make it greater.”

“I know there’s concerns about travel and some things but you figure it out and you do it.”

Schiano has always prioritized special teams and Rutgers is no different. This unit for the Scarlet Knights has been strong since he returned to Piscataway. Schiano touched on the presence of Australian punters in the conference with Korsak and Ohio State’s Jesse Mirco while discussing his mindset on special teams.

“I don’t subscribe to the series that it’s a third, a third, and a third,” Schiano said. “That’s not true. Special teams covers about 22% of the game but it covers the most real estate in the game.”

Finally, Schiano was asked about the quarterback competition that the team will have entering camp. Noah Vedral has been the starter for the Scarlet Knights over the previous two years and his head coach had nothing but good things to say.

“Noah is the ultimate competitor,” Schiano said. “He is an awesome guy to have on our team. He wants to be a coach and is going to be a great coach.”

Vedral will be challenged by Gavin Wimsatt and Schiano added Evan Simon into the mix as well.

“When you have good players, you have to let them compete,” Schiano said. “Let it sort itself out. If it doesn't sort itself out then we’re going to play more than one guy.”