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The R Fund Promotes Rutgers Giving Day on March 23

Big Ten Tournament - Iowa v Rutgers Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

It’s exciting times for Rutgers Athletics.

Today is March 23rd and it is Rutgers Giving Day.

A 24-hour, daylong celebration of Rutgers excellence and scarlet pride. For one day, our community will unite to give back and help Rutgers help the world. Throughout the day, you can participate in any of the hourly and daylong challenges and join in on social media to earn support for your favorite Rutgers schools and programs.

It will run all day from 12 midnight until 11:59 pm. And there’s a bit of a competition. You see, the top four teams with the most Donors (not dollars) will receive an extra bonus to benefit their program. First place will receive an extra 8,000, second place 5,000, third place 2,500 and fourth place will receive an extra thousand. So, if you’re a fan of say Men’s Basketball, get all your friends to donate to that program too and grab some extra benefits.

In 2021, there were 1,151 donors and Rutgers wants to beat that number this season. So get your giving on. You can donate to your chosen program by clicking this link.

Can’t give a monetary gift this year? Well, my friend, you can still help with Rutgers Social Media Challenge to help spread the word. Remember, it’s not about how much you give. It’s about how many of us are giving. It’s about our community rallying to support Rutgers Scarlet Knights as they grow as students, athletes, and leaders in our community.

Donate and tweet at @R_Fund and you’ll receive a cool personalized wallpaper on Twitter. Look below, and you can see our example here.

Good luck, thank you and Go RU!