Dear football schedule-makers: Rutgers has a LOT of open dates. Bring on the Alliance!

While all the regular writers on OTB are busy writing important stuff about Gavin Wimsatt and the current betting line for the Syracuse game and why Greg Schiano is at an important juncture in his second go-round at Rutgers, guys like me get to babble and speculate and pontificate in Fanposts.

Welcome to today’s diatribe.

Question for the panel: how many out-of-conference games does Rutgers have scheduled over the next ten years? Don’t cheat and look it up (like I did)! Take an educated guess. Nine B1G games leaves three open dates over ten years. That’s thirty possible games. How many are scheduled right now?

If you guessed ten you’d be right. And how does that compare to the rest of the B1G as far as filling out the schedule? Try last - fourteenth - fewest. Between 2022 and 2031, no conference team has that few OOC games scheduled.

The three commissioners of the Alliance conferences, Kevin Warren, Jim Phillips, and George Kliavkoff, agree that regardless of the idea of scheduling against each other, all existing contracts will be honored. Which means that the 24 OOC games that Purdue, for example, has scheduled will be played. It includes one against the SEC (Vanderbilt). But it already includes 12 vs. the ACC and Notre Dame (5), and one vs. the PAC 12. But it also includes ten against G5 schools like Indiana State, Fresno State, and UConn (yes, I know the Huskies technically aren't G5 but, hey).

Which means Rutgers, among all Big Ten schools, is most ready to do its part in scheduling all the "Alliance" games. Currently, among the ten scheduled contests for the Knights, there are five ACC games versus Virginia Tech (two games) and Boston College (three). There is also a home-and-home in 2030 and 2031 against Kansas State, whatever conference they may be in then.

Apparently, the long-term plan of the commissioners is to have eight conference games along with one ACC and one PAC 12 contest, leaving teams two lesser (?) games to pad the schedule and/or play in a made-for-TV contest. Wisconsin and Ohio State have 22 and 20 OOC games scheduled, and already have a slew of ACC and PAC 12 games in their future. The Badgers already have five PAC 12 games (Washington State, Utah, UCLA) and four ACC (Pitt, VT, plus one vs. the Irish). tOSU has two against the PAC 12 (Washington) and four vs. the ACC (BC and ND).

Nebraska actually has the second most OOC games in the time span with 23, but with only four PAC 12 games, no ACC, and five against the SEC (counting Oklahoma as SEC now).

But, back to Rutgers. Now, being in North Carolina, I have no issue with Pat Hobbs calling the ADs in Chapel Hill or Raleigh or Durham and setting up a few games down the road. Plenty of open dates in 2025, ’28, ’29, ’30, and ’31. And I'm ready to make a real Big Ten-style road trip.

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