Rutgers Wrestling Schedule Breakdown 2021-22 Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Rutgers Wrestling Schedule Breakdown, you can find part 1 here. Let's get right into it.

Date - Sunday, 1/16/2022
Location - Rec Hall, University Park, PA
Match Type - Big Ten Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - #4 Penn State
Notable Matches/Match Prediction:

133 - #1 Roman Bravo-Young (P) vs #3 Sebastian Rivera (R)
141 - #1 Nick Lee (P) vs #13 Sammy Alvarez (R)
149 - #UR Beau Bartlett (P) vs #27 Mike Van Brill (R)
157 - #26 Joe Lee (P) vs #33 Robert Kanniard (R)
174 - #1 Carter Starooci (P) vs #8 Jackson Turley (R)
184 - #1 Aaron Brooks (P) vs #5 John Poznanski (R)
Prediction: As per usual, Penn State has a loaded lineup this year. I think we may be able to squeak out 4 wins, but each one of those is a toss-up. I have the final somewhere around 22-12 on the optimistic side, 28-6 on the pessimistic.

Date - Friday, 1/21/2022
Location - Jenison Field House, East Lansing, MI
Match Type - Big Ten Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - Michigan State
Notable Matches/Match Prediction:

174: #UR Caleb Fish (M) vs #8 Jackson Turley (R)
184: #24 Layne Malczewski vs #5 John Poznanski (R)
197: #13 Cam Caffey (M) vs #15 Greg Bulsak (R)
Prediction: Another Dual where we are looking at a probable 5-5 match split. It will come down to bonus points, but I like RU taking this 18-16.

Date - Sunday, 1/23/2022
Location - Cliff Keen Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
Match Type - Big Ten Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - #5 Michigan
Notable Matches/Match Prediction:

125: #26 Jack Medley (M) vs #31 Dylan Shawver (R)
133: #18 Dylan Ragusin (M) vs #3 Sebastian Rivera (R)
141: #25 Drew Mattin (M) vs #13 Sammy Alvarez (R)
149: #18 Kanen Storr (M) vs # 27 Mike Van Brill (R)
157: #16 Will Lewan (M) vs #33 Robert Kanniard (R)
174: #4 Logan Massa (M) vs #8 Jackson Turley (R)
184: #2 Miles Amine (M) vs #5 John Poznanski (R)
197: #7 Pat Brucki (M) vs #15 Greg Bulsak (R)
Prediction: This is going to be an awesome dual meet as 8/10 of the individual bouts will feature ranked opponents squaring off. Unfortunately for RU, I can't see us winning more than four of these matchups. With Michigan also having a big advantage at heavyweight, this dual could end up looking like 9-22 or even 6-25 in favor of Michigan. Late edit to this as three-time All-American and 17th year senior Stevan Micic just announced he will be competing for Michigan this season at what I would assume is 133lbs. This makes the matchup that much worse for RU but gives Seabass a good test in the heart of the Big Ten schedule.

Date - Friday, 2/4/2022
Location - Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
Match Type - Non-Conference Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - Rider University
Notable Matchups/Match Prediction:

141: #23 Quinn Kinner (RI) vs #13 Sammy Alvarez (RU)
197: #26 Matt Correnti (RI) vs #15 Greg Bulsak (RU)
Prediction: The rivalry with Rider is back on in 2022 and I foresee it going very well for the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. Figure an 8-2 match split in Rutgers' favor with the final being somewhere around 26-6.

Date - Sunday, 2/6/2022
Location - Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway NJ
Match Type - Big Ten Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - #7 Ohio State
Notable Matchups/Match Prediction:

125: #18 Malik Heinselman (O) vs #31 Dylan Shawver (R)
133: #24 Anthony Echemendia (O) vs #3 Sebastian Rivera (R)
141: #20 Dylan D'Emilio (O) vs #13 Sammy Alvarez (R)
149: #2 Sammy Sasso (O) vs #27 Mike Van Brill (R)
157: #UR Paddy Gallagher (O) vs #33 Robert Kanniard (R)
174: #7 Ethan Smith (O) vs #8 Jackson Turley (R)
184: #11 Kaleb Romero (O) vs #5 John Poznanski (R)
197: #17 Rocky Jordan (O) vs #15 Greg Bulsak (R)
Prediction: What a surprise, another Big Ten Dual, another 5-5 predicted match split. This will come down to bonus points. I have Ohio State edging out RU 16-15, grabbing a bonus point at 165, which would be the difference.

Date - Saturday, 2/12/2022
Location - Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
Match Type - Big Ten Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - Maryland
Notable Matchups/Match Prediction:

Prediction: A rare breather in an otherwise arduous Big Ten schedule, RU should pile on here and win 8-10 matches in this dual. Maryland's best days are either behind them or in front of them, but they don't currently have a competitive Big Ten roster.

Date - Friday, 2/18/2022
Location - Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
Match Type - Non-Conference Dual Meet "Big-Ivy Rivalry"
Opponent(s) - Princeton University
Notable Matchups/Match Prediction:

184: #23 Travis Stefanik (P) vs #5 John Poznanski (R)
Prediction: The Big-Ivy Rivalry returns in 2022 but unfortunately doesn't feature a ton of highly anticipated matchups. That doesn't mean it won't be close, though, as I see Rutgers taking the bout count 6-4/7-3 and winning with a score of 18-12.

Date - Saturday, 2/19/2022
Location - Rutgers Athletic Center, Piscataway, NJ
Match Type - Non-Conference Dual Meet
Opponent(s) - Columbia University
Notable Matchups/Match Prediction:

125: #29 Joe Manchio (C) vs #31 Dylan Shawver (R)
141: #18 Matt Kazimir (C) vs #13 Sammy Alvarez (R)
Prediction: The last dual before the postseason should be a nice cap on a solid regular season for the RU squad. I don't think they drop a match here and win by a score of 31-0.

With all that said, I see the RU squad finishing the season 16-5 (4-4 Big Ten). On paper, this is the most talented squad ever assembled on the banks, so expectations are high. Stay tuned throughout the year, as I plan to do individual match previews/recaps as the season progresses. Hopefully our next news is about wrestle-offs and final weight confirmations. We are so close!

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