When idle time is your best friend...and you're a Rutgers fan

You can never have too much time. But you need to put it to good use. Either that, or you write fanposts!

I first came across the word schadenfreude when I saw the musical Avenue Q. Funny show, very inappropriate, which is why you laugh!

For those unfamiliar with the term, it is, in truth, something that every Rutgers fan should understand, from both ends. The term schadenfreude, by the way, has an English equivalent; it is epicaricacy, which means rejoicing at, taking fun in, or getting pleasure from the misfortunes of others. Tell me every other B1G fanbase hasn't done just that at our expense. Or that we don't look at UConn and do the same.

But schadenfreude sounds so-o-o-o much more delicious! But I is often the case.

Remember back in 2014 when the Scarlet Knight got a "makeover", just in time for our entry into the Big Ten? You don't? Really? Try this as a reminder. It was a good change: a little tougher looking, more debonair in appearance, but still very approachable. He should use that on his Tinder account.

So, finally, you realize we're talking mascots here. And our Scarlet Knight isn't so bad.

Of course there was a poll!

Among the worst mascots in college sports, as voted on in a poll conducted by Quality Logo Products, the worst is in the Big XII. It is Pistol Pete, from Oklahoma State. In a story from The Oklahoman, it noted:

The survey found that not only was Pistol Pete considered the "worst" mascot, but was also the third "creepiest" behind the University of Louisiana at Lafayette mascot "Cayenne" and another "Pete" mascot from Purdue University.

"Pistol Pete" was also deemed to be the fifth most offensive.

Schadenfreude. Let us revel in knowing that our Big Ten brethren at Purdue - where they can't have nice things - are actually right behind the Oklahoma State mascot in the "worst" category.

And, my friends, let us wallow even more in the misery of others as we look at #6 on the list of the worst: the Nittany Lion from, you know, that place! I mean, come on, if the best thing about your mascot is a knit scarf, how good can it really be!

But wait, there's more!!

There's a flip side, and it's really cool. Remember how I said the Scarlet Knight, in his makeover seven years ago, was more debonair. Well, that same survey put our boy among the sexiest mascots. Yeah, baby, right there in SHI Stadium. We got #9 on the sexiest mascot. Damn!

Now, I'm not quite sure why Northwestern's Willie the Wildcat scored the top spot there - and in fact came in as the #1 best mascot to boot. Really? It's a big cat in a football jersey. No sword, no helmet, no nothin'; not even a freakin' scarf! And with the Army Mule coming in at #2 sexiest, I got a little issue with the polling methodology.

Never turn your back on vote counters in Chicago!

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