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On The Banks Podcast Episode no. 99: The new normal within college athletics

Our latest focuses on the Alston verdict, NIL rights, the impact on recruiting, brand building for student-athletes, the future of the NCAA and more with Rutgers alum and prominent attorney Jason Spiro.

Oral Roberts v Florida Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Welcome to episode No. 99 of the On The Banks Podcast. With all of the changes that have taken place across the landscape of college athletics this past month, I felt it was important to take a closer look and get expert analysis on the future impact of it all.

Our guest for this episode is Jason Spiro, who is a founding partner of Spiro Harrison, a New Jersey based law firm. Their focus includes antitrust, intellectual property and other areas implicated by the NCAA’s restrictions on athlete compensation. Jason is also a longtime Rutgers fan and alumnus.

Student-athletes finally have the ability to benefit off of their name, image and likeness, as well as receive increased academic benefits. It’s long overdue, but how these changes will ultimately reshape the structure of college athletics remains to be seen, as well as what other changes will come in the future. .

Topics that we discussed include the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Alston verdict, the NCAA’s decision to swiftly change its rules regarding NIL rights, the impact NIL rights will have on recruiting, the opportunities for student-athletes to benefit and build their brands in this new era of college athletics, the future of the NCAA and much more.

Thanks to Jason for giving us great insight on the new normal in college athletics and thank you for listening.

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