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On The Banks Podcast episode no. 90 featuring Brian Brecht

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The Rutgers men’s lacrosse head coach previews the season ahead.

Rutgers Athletics

We are back with episode no. 90 of the On The Banks podcast. This week’s guest is Rutgers men’s lacrosse head coach Brian Brecht.

The 2021 season opens this Saturday, February 20 at noon with no. 18 Rutgers hosting no. 6 Penn State at SHI Stadium. The Scarlet Knights are one of five out of six Big Ten teams to begin the spring campaign in the national rankings. It’s been two years since conference foes have met after the entire league schedule was cancelled last spring due to COVID-19.

Entering his tenth season at the helm, Brecht discussed many topics including how the program managed the prolonged offseason during a global pandemic, how the time off benefited the development of this team, notable transfers, the leadership and experience on the roster, the Big Ten only schedule, how to measure success this season and much more.

Thanks to coach Brecht for joining us once again and thanks for listening!

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