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BreakingT commemorates Rutgers’ historic win with custom design

You can celebrate the highest ranked win in program history with a shirt.

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NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Rutgers Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

The memories of Rutgers men’s basketball taking down No. 1 Purdue on a last second buzzer beater will last forever. Now you can relive it in a t-shirt. Our friends at BreakingT created a shirt design to commemorate the highest ranked win in program history as part of their “Wear The Moment” series.

BreakingT creates “real-time officially licensed products inspired by the greatest moments in sports, every day.” Below is their design for their “Garden Statement” themed shirt or sweatshirt in honor of Rutgers shocking Purdue on Thursday night.

It could make for a great holiday gift for your friends or loved ones. Or maybe you want a good luck charm for the rest of this season.

You can order t-shirts, both adult and youth sizes, or sweatshirts with this link.

Down Goes No. 1!!!! A Garden Statement indeed!