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Honored! Dave White and Two Others Make the Inaugural Class of the Rutgers Fan Hall of Fame

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Joshua A. Bickel/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

So, last Monday, I officially got some good news.

After two weeks of voting and three weeks of waiting, I was elected with Aaron Patel and Matt Forno to the inaugural class of Hall of Fame fans. It was a surreal experience and a unique idea that Rutgers had in concert with McDonalds.

We were to be honored during the Rutgers Maryland game yesterday and Rutgers did not disappoint. It started as we were invited to the VIP tailgate before the game with ten of our friends. I brought my wife and my older son, plus my old roommate and some of my best friends. We feasted on French Toast, bacon, eggs, sausage, potatoes and coffee. I’m pretty sure my son did in one whole pig with the amount of bacon he ate.

Quickly after, my son, my wife and I—along with the other two honorees—were whisked off into SHI Stadium. We were brought down to field level to witness the Senior Day activities, the beloved horse video and the Marching Band playing the alma mater. We got to take a photo with Athletic Director Pat Hobbs (and I of course gave him some basketball advice—keep keeping on). At the start of the game, our guests were brought up to their seats, while we three stayed behind.

The crew gave us gifts of Rutgers football jerseys with our names on them. We got to see the Scarlet Knights return the blocked extra point for a two point conversion—which led to much rejoicing. Alas, we also so Noah Vedral get flattened during that unfortunate interception.

But the real highlight came at the second stoppage of the second quarter. They brought the three of us into the endzone and we were announced by Joe Nolan. I even got to sneak an On the Banks mention in there. We waved, we were applauded. I asked for a ten minute standing ovation, but it appeared the crowd wanted to get back to the game play.

Afterwards, we were sent up to the Stadium Club to warm up and get some food. Through the final score wasn’t what we wanted, the entire experience was very, very cool. Jackie Dimmick and her team did a fantastic job and kept up engaged with the process the entire time. As the old fogie of the three inductees, I want to thank Rutgers for the opportunity and a great day.