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The boredom of the bye week

Rutgers is off. Now what?

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

I hate bye weeks. Win, lose or draw, I always look forward to watching our Scarlet Knights every Saturday in the fall. This morning, I woke up feeling robbed.

I was restless so I awoke and headed over to Whole Paycheck to stock up for the weekend. I was taken back by all the items that were out of stock, something that until today I had given little thought. After striking out on a number of items, I almost had a collision in aisle five with two folks adorned in Syracuse sweatshirts. They smiled and excused themselves, but I just snarled at them. I do that a lot living in upstate New York.

Arriving home, I looked at the fifty or so games on television, but Northwestern/Michigan was about all the excitement that I could muster. Yes, I know there are much better games on, but I just cannot get into SEC or Big XII games. I often feel like I need to take a shower after watching these NFL players masquerading as college football players.

I am already looking ahead to Illinois and excited to see what Schiano and staff come up with, with two weeks to prepare. Will Gavin Wimsatt see the field? Will the offensive line get back a couple of healthy starters? Will Jovani Haskins get some looks? Will there be better communication in the defensive backfield? These are the kind of things that I am pondering this morning but must wait another full week to have these questions answered.

There are saving graces this weekend, however. For one as a lifetime Atlanta Braves fan, I am anxious to see if the Braves are going to blow another 3-1 lead like last year or can they take one game and make it to the World Series?

Tomorrow there is the Giants and Carolina Panthers. Lately my wife has been getting into the habit of taking long walks whenever I watch the Giants. For some crazy reason she just cannot understand that screaming at the tv set actually works.

Well, like the rest of you I am going to make the most of this weekend and hope next week passes quickly.

Enjoy the weekend.