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Rutgers Football announces “Chop With Us” campaign

Fans can submit video entries that will be shown during home games this season.

Liberty v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

As Rutgers football prepares to kickoff the 2020 season in late October, the program is getting creative in keeping fans involved on gameday. With fans unable to attend home games due to COVID-19, the program announced the “Chop With Us” campaign. Season ticket holders were made aware of the promotion last weekend and it was then officially announced to the public on Monday.

Fans are able to submit videos that will be shown on the big screen of SHI Stadium during home games, as well as for future use on the team’s social media channels. It’s a great way to get fans excited about the season ahead and staying connected at a time when attending games isn’t a possibility. Here are the details of the promotion and information on how to submit your videos.

Submit your best videos from home with friends & family for a chance to be featured by Rutgers Football on social media and inside the stadium’s videoboards on gameday!

By submitting a video, you agree to let Rutgers Football feature your media and all participants in it in future videos for use on social media and in SHI Stadium on gameday.

Fan Video Tips:

Pick an area to record that is well lit.

Set up your camera so it is stationary and will film horizontally/in landscape mode.

We strongly encourage the use of any props; dress up in your best fan gear (wear Scarlet!), wave a Rutgers flag, rally towel, foam finger, etc…Don’t be afraid to get creative!



R-U Chant

The Hum/Knight Pulse

First Downs

Third Down

Sack Celebrations

Touchdown Celebrations

Don’t Stop Believin’ (pick a line or two)

To Submit: Click HERE:

As fans, it’s important to show the team support at a time when you can’t do it in person. Hopefully many fans get chopping and the team receives thousands of entries.