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On The Banks Podcast Episode no. 71 featuring Scott Goodale

Host Lance Glinn discusses high expectations with the leader of Rutgers wrestling amid the uncertainty of next season.

Roy DeBoer

Welcome to episode no. 71 of the On The Banks Podcast, as host Lance Glinn welcomes returning guest Rutgers wrestling head coach Scott Goodale.

Despite the uncertainty of next season during the current global health crisis COVID-19, the program has been recruiting at a very high level this offseason. Goodale and his staff have added JUCO heavyweight national champion Boone McDermott and three-time All-American Sebastian Rivera to the roster and just secured a commitment from the top recruit in New Jersey in the class of 2022, Brian Soldano.

Lance and coach Goodale multiple scenarios of when next season could actually take place, the potential for all of college sports to be cancelled in the coming academic year, the arrival of Rivera, and increased expectations for the program now and in the future, as well as much more.

Thanks to coach Goodale for joining us once again and enjoy the episode.

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