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On The Banks podcast episode no. 69 featuring Brian Dohn

The 247 Sports national recruiting analyst joins host Lance Glinn to discuss the 2021 class for Rutgers football

Rutgers Introduces Greg Schiano Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome to episode no. 69 of the On The Banks Podcast, as host Lance Glinn is joined once again by 247 Sports national recruiting analyst Brian Dohn. He has also covered Rutgers recruiting for many years, including during head coach Greg Schiano’s first tenure on the banks.

In this episode, the two discuss how quickly Rutgers is filling up its 2021 recruiting class, the long term outlook of the top commits in the class, what Schiano and the staff will do at quarterback with five scholarship players at that position already, how they fill the final spots of the class and much more.

Thanks to Brian for joining our podcast again and enjoy the episode.

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