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In Lieu of Selection Sunday, Let’s Celebrate Rutgers Basketball

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Right now we would have a bracket.

Aaron and I would be excited and freaking out and calming down some of our usual guys in the comments. But Rutgers would be in.

However, we know by now that didn’t happen.

So, let’s flashback a little bit and celebrate the team. There’s not much to write about, but here it is... the highlights from my ten favorite games this season:

Rutgers 72 Wisconsin 65:

Geo steps up. The RAC begins to rock.

Rutgers 68 Seton Hall 48

Alley oops! The RAC going bonkers. What an afternoon.

Rutgers 79 Nebraska 62

No Geo? No problem. Myles Johnson and Caleb McConnell step up.

Rutgers 72 Penn State 61

Guys, this is when it started to feel possible.

Rutgers 59 Indiana 50

Geo’s back. We Want Cliff!

Rutgers 64 Minnesota 56

Caleb McConnell a Double Double. Some of the best defense I’ve seen.

Rutgers 75 Nebraska 72

Akwasi Yeboah had 20, including a game tying three. Geo with one second left!

Rutgers 77 Northwestern 73 (OT)

Down 18 points? No worries, we have Geo Baker.

Rutgers 72 Illinois 57

Ron Harper Jr. scores 27 in a drubbing.

Rutgers 78 Maryland 67

Top Ten Team Coming into the RAC? No matter... storm the court.

Rutgers 72 Purdue 68 (OT)

The best game of the season. We needed this one. Geo Baker got us this one. Everyone on the team got us this one. That Ron Harper Jr. three. That Jacob Young dunk. Geo step back. Love it. Love this team.

Talk to us in the comments. What was your favorite moment or game this season?