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OTB Staff Predictions: Nebraska at Rutgers

Our staff make their picks.

Rutgers v Maryland Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

As the Friday night showdown between Nebraska and Rutgers approaches, our contributors make their picks as to how we see this game playing out.

Dave White: I have been wrong all season long. ALL SEASON LONG. So.... Nebraksa 52 Rutgers 12

David Anderson: Rutgers has won three games this year and I don’t think I picked them to win any of those three, but the Scarlet Knights have proven more to us every week. So don’t shoot me, but I am going to go with the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers is at home where they have not won this year, yet Nebraska has to fly halfway across the country after a snowstorm on the day of the game. The Huskers have a solid defensive line which will present problems for Rutgers, but I think Sean Gleeson has enough knowledge of his team now to avoid running into a brick wall again. On the other side, Nebraska has a mini-QB controversy and people doubting their playcalling. The Huskers have two freshman playing on the offensive line already and now their NFL bound left tackle Brenden Jaimes has elected to not play the rest of the season to begin his preparation. Let’s keep adding highlights to this surprising season. Rutgers 25, Nebraska 24.

Aaron Breitman: Rutgers is really banged up and about to play a ninth straight conference game in nine weeks with short rest no less. Not to mention they’ll be playing in frigid temperatures and it’s certainly going to be a big challenge against a more talented Nebraska team. The Huskers will pound the run and it could take a toll. That being said I expect Rutgers to play hard and fight to the bitter end like they have all season, but they’ll just fall short in what has been an inspiring first year under Greg Schiano. Nebraska 27 Rutgers 20

Danny Burrick: This has been a surprising season to every Rutgers fan including myself. I thought last game that Art Sitkowski showed a ton of his potential once again by coming out and helping the team take down Maryland. I love this Friday night game under the lights for the last game of the year with a fired up Rutgers and Nebraska team. Hopefully Schiano will have his guys ready to go and come out chopping. I think that this will be a high scoring game with Rutgers coming out on top. Rutgers 41, Nebraska 35

Fred Gaudios: In last week’s game prediction, I wrote about how I expected a tired Rutgers team to prevail on the road against Maryland. They did win the game, but Rutgers has to be even more exhausted, and is playing on short rest with temperatures predicted to drop into the teens during Friday night’s game. Win this game, and I’d assume Rutgers gets some sort of bowl game invitation. (Whether or not they decide to play in one is an open question, as several teams have decided – perhaps rightfully – to opt out of bowls this season.) A thread throughout my posts this season is just being thankful to have Rutgers play through this really tough autumn. I know Rutgers will play their hearts out, I just think the long slog of a season will have them too tired to win this game. As always, I hope I’m wrong. Nebraska 20, Rutgers 13.

Greg Patuto: Of Rutgers three wins, I have picked them to win none. The closest I have come was picking them to cover a double-digit spread in Week 1 against Michigan State. My victory predictions were against Illinois and Penn State so my hands are tied here. Are you superstitious? I am at times but I have no choice but to be confident once again.

In this matchup against the Cornhuskers, there are some similarities between the two sides. Both have inconsistent quarterbacks and a suspect rushing attack. On a night where temperatures will be in the single digits, defense might be the key and Rutgers is playing well on that side of the ball. Long story short, there could be some turnovers in Nebraska’s future in a classic low-scoring, Big Ten contest. Rutgers 20, Nebraska 17

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