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Greg Schiano sets date to release roster and depth chart

Rutgers Introduces Greg Schiano Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Big Ten football is set to kickoff in less than three weeks and the Scarlet Knights still have not released their roster. They are the lone program in the conference that has not done so yet but that is going to change next week.

Greg Schiano announced on a conference call Monday that the updated Rutgers’ football roster will be released on Oct. 12. The depth chart will follow exactly one week later on Oct. 19. Schiano said previously that a roster would have been released in March, but that plan was paused after the COVID-19 pandemic ended spring practice.

“I’m working through some things with the roster,” Schiano said on Monday. “There are a lot of moving parts always with a football team, but then you throw COVID-19 in there and training camp while you are in school and then a new staff. There are a lot of variables there.”

Now we wait. There is just one week left of seeing the 2019 football roster on Rutgers’ official athletic department website. Schiano was asked certain questions regarding the roster, such as the status of both Johnny Langan and Peyton Powell at the quarterback position. He did not release any information which means we will find out next Monday.

We will also find out the status of transfer players. Schiano mentioned that they are still waiting to find out on a couple players.

“We would have been submitting those throughout the summer and in August, we’re ready to send the last few ones in, “ Schiano said. “When the season got cancelled, there was no need because they would have had their year of residency and we would not have had to have a waiver. Once it appeared that we were going to play again, we immediately restarted the final couple waivers. I’m confident we’ll know on everyone, my hope is before we game plan for our first game.”

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many different players from all over the country to opt out of the 2020 season. And some have decided to opt back in. As of now, wide receiver Everett Wormley is the only Rutgers’ player who has officially opted out. Schiano previously confirmed a report from NJ Advance Media that there were more opt outs.

As we sit here today, we know more than we did yesterday. There will be a game on Oct. 24, a depth chart five days before, and finally a roster next week. Rutgers football is back.