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Iowa fans outraged over Big Ten snubbing Rutgers’ Adam Korsak

After a career day versus the Hawkeyes, the Aussie punter has earned the respect of this classy fan base

Rutgers v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

On Monday, the Big Ten conference announced their players of the week honors and a funny thing happened. Adam Korsak, who was easily the best Rutgers player on Saturday and had a career day punting the football, was not selected as the Special Teams Player of the Week. Instead, Ohio State’s punter, Drue Chrisman, won it instead. Let’s compare the stats for each punter on Saturday:

Chrisman averaged 43.0 yards on three punts, two of which he pinned inside the Cincinnati’s 5 yard line. Very good game, the kid did his job en route to a 42-0 blowout for the Buckeyes over the Bearcats.

Korsak averaged 47.6 yards on ten punts, two of which went 50+ yards with a long of 69 yards. In addition, seven of his punts were downed inside the 20 yard line and three were downed inside the 5 yard line. An all-time performance and Korsak single handedly kept Rutgers in the game in the first half. The final score would have definitely been worse if not for the big and accurate leg of the sophomore Aussie. No offense to Chrisman, but Korsak was robbed. To Chrisman’s credit, he agreed.

As Rutgers fans, we are sadly used to not getting respect within the Big Ten, especially from the media and other fan bases. I first saw this tweet from a reporter from The Athletic and I was happy to see it.

Then national reporter for The Athletic, Nicole Auerbach, who has always been fair and supportive of Rutgers, pointed out that it was more than Scarlet Knight fans and the media who had a problem with the Big Ten snub of Korsak.

Low and behold, many Iowa fans replied to the Big Ten’s tweet announcing the Special Teams Player of the Week with outrage and some wit too. There were so many, I tried to pick the 15 or so best ones. There were probably over 50 when I checked recently and I’m sure there are more now. Here are best Iowa fan tweets supporting Adam Korsak and letting know the Big Ten they messed up.

Gabe hit the nail on the head. But there is so much more......

Very true, AJ.

Accusing the Big Ten of not watching the game made me giggle.

Well said, Rick.

Creighton actually writes for our friends at Off Tackle Empire, which is even more of a coup that a non-Rutgers writer from their site was defending RU. Loved it! By the way, read this very good piece and hot take on the state of Rutgers from our friend Zuzu.

The keeper of bunnies went straight to the point.

The old Ohio State bias may have reared it’s ugly head and Iowa fans weren’t standing for it one bit. Thanks guys!

Kristina dropping some truth.

You know when a Walter White gif is used, the outrage is real.

Brian pulled out a Rocky 4 reference and it warmed my heart. Then he used a gif from Game of Thrones. Well played, Brian, well played.

Why not make your point with straight facts and highlights? Heavens with a refreshing approach.

Korsak was an artist on Saturday. It was beautiful and Iowa fans appreciated the hell out of it.

Keep them coming and excellent use of the word absurd.

I don’t think the Big Ten has ever rescinded a weekly honor award before but I appreciate this Hawkeyes fan’s effort from Texas.

I love the “punchers chance” reference and it’s completely valid in this case.

The most interesting man in the world gets it.

And how could I not end with a Seinfeld reference? You’ve been Constanza’d Big Ten.

In all seriousness, this is the type of sportsmanship that makes college sports great. Thanks Iowa fans, we look forward to sharing beers with you at the tailgate in Piscataway in 2022. Hopefully, Rutgers will give you a much more competitive game then and our punter won’t be nearly as involved.

UPDATE: Our friends at Black Heart Gold Pants made their best effort to right a wrong here.

UPDATE #2: Vote for Korsak for the Ray Guy Punter of the week from this link in the tweet.

UPDATE #3: Korsak named Ray Guy Punter of the Week!!! We did it!