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Enjoying the Build: 4 Thoughts on Iowa

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

I am exhausted, broken hearted and completely hoarse. Rutgers dropped an incredible heartbreaker to Iowa 71-69. Going to attempt to put four thoughts together now.

That Last Shot Was Ridiculous: I was in the crowd tonight, and I’m writing this before I read anything, so don’t mind me—but I don’t even know who hit it. But from my vantage point, that shot was well defended and Rutgers did what they had to do. It was just a circus shot. From my angle, I thought it was going to hit the side of the backboard and not even be close. You can’t do anything but tip your cap at that point.

The Officiating Was Odd: Iowa runs moving screens the entire game. Jordan Bohannon gets fake fouled all the time. Rutgers lost 2 points on a Myles Johnson tip-in that was called offensive goaltending, but didn’t look close. Rutgers should have made the free throws and 10-18 is a bad stat. But when Montez Mathis stepped to the line twice in the final minute, you could see how exhausted he was from chasing Bohannon around. He went 1-4. This was just a weird game.

I Love Basketball: I mean this is why I love basketball. That game was entertaining as hell. Back and forth. Both teams throwing haymakers. Geo’s shot to take the lead was just as crazy as the final one. I will love this sport forever and a game like this is exactly why. You will never forget this game, and hopefully—long term—neither will Rutgers. They will learn from this and they will create their own luck. I mean, Iowa has won two games in a row on incredible buzzer beaters. At some point, when you get good, luck goes your way as well. Maybe, for Rutgers, it is a year away.

I Don’t Know How They Recover From This: The game Wednesday against Michigan State is going to say a lot. It’s hard to forget a game like this and the heartbreaker against Illinois. If they come out and play smart and strong against the Spartans, then I love the mentality of this team. But there is a chance that this kind of loss will hang over them for at least one more game. Wednesday likely won’t be a win, but it will be interesting.

Yeah, I don’t know what else to say.