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Watch Greg Schiano discuss 2020 recruiting class in BTN interview

The Rutgers head coach breaks down his first early signing day, including what he felt this group added the most to the team.

Rutgers Introduces Greg Schiano Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Rutgers head coach Greg Schiano spoke to BTN on Wednesday afternoon to discuss his first recruiting class of his second tenure on the banks. He talked about a few specific players that signed, as well covering some big picture topics.

In regard to recruits that were added to the program, Schiano was first asked about Tyreem Powell. Schiano called him a “great athlete” and said he could play a number of positions based on how much weight he gains and what his size ultimately is. Powell is the highest rated recruit that signed on Wednesday and Schiano seemed very excited about him.

The next player he was asked about was Chris Long, who flipped from Temple in order to sign with Rutgers. A successful wide receiver in high school, Schiano said he hopes that he can help the team from the cornerback position long term.

The last player that Schiano was specifically asked about was quarterback Evan Simon. He commented that he is a “winner, a “great athlete” and expressed his appreciation of the previous coaching staff for landing his original commitment.

In regard to big picture topics, Schiano said overall he felt that the 2020 recruiting class has added size and speed to the program. He also spoke about being in a better position now as a head coach due to having three sons that were recruited and now play college football. Schiano commented that he is in a “much better position to understand what players are going through” more so now due to the experiences of his sons.

Lastly, Schiano commented about the importance to recruit the “State of Rutgers”, which we also examined here in relation to the 2020 class, as well as the importance of recruiting with a big picture view. He said that his staff will not just recruit a player in the current recruiting cycle, but will take the long road approach of recruiting “the entire town”, whether that’s discovering players early in their high school careers or even younger.

You can watch Schiano’s entire interview with BTN from Wednesday afternoon here: