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The return of Greg Schiano to Rutgers inches closer

Multiple reports Sunday evening indicate the favorite to replace Chris Ash has gained momentum.

Rutgers v Ohio State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Occam’s razor is the idea that “the simplest solution is most likely the right one.” It’s no secret many Rutgers fans have yearned for the obvious reunion with former head coach Greg Schiano and that beat of the drum has grown louder as the days have gone on since Chris Ash was fired on September 29th.

On Sunday evening, reports surfaced that Rutgers officials were set to meet with Schiano very soon. John Otterstedt of Scarlet Nation reported it first, followed by NJ Advance Media’s James Kratch, Keith Sargeant and Steve Politi.

The report from NJ Advance Media team cited “several high level donors” as sources for the news that Schiano was set to interview. It shouldn’t be a surprise that prominent boosters are pushing for Rutgers to bring back Schiano. With last week’s softball story alleging abuse from head coach Kristen Butler and subsequent apology from Pat Hobbs regarding his incident with a reporter over the handling of that story, the AD likely felt more pressure from high level donors to finally meet with Schiano with hopes of hiring him soon.

According to both reports, Schiano could be in place as head coach at Rutgers sometime within the next week.

Former Tennessee head coach Butch Jones was interviewed on Friday, but he appears to be Plan B if things fall through with Schiano, whose potential return has hung over this search the entire time.

On our podcast episode the day Ash was fired, myself and Lance Glinn stated that Schiano was the heavy favorite to ultimately replace him. Our David Anderson covered the pros and cons of a Schiano return that same day here.

There is no need for a Stock Watch article for candidates this week, as the Schiano Watch is officially on the clock.

For an update on the negotiations with Greg Schiano as of Wednesday morning, click here.