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FanPulse Update: Rutgers Basketball voting is coming this week

Find out how to sign up and what to watch for each week

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NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you may already know of our SB Nation FanPulse poll, which is emailed every Sunday to our readers who signed up. It gives you the opportunity to vote on the top 25 teams in college football and also asks how confident you are in the direction of Rutgers football. We posted an article over the summer giving full details here.

Obviously with the season that’s occurring, it’s possible even if you are signed up, you haven’t taken part of the weekly polls in awhile. Well here is some good news! Starting this week, SB Nation is now adding a college basketball fan confidence question in the survey that’s sent out weekly for football. Once the football season is over, it will just focus on confidence questions and national questions for college basketball.

It’s as easy as signing up here, and then the survey will come to you each week on Sunday. The surveys will be emailed out to you directly. You will then be able to represent On The Banks and the Rutgers community in the only weekly college football and basketball poll conducted by fans. Here is an example of what the confidence poll looked like for football after the 30-0 loss to Iowa in early September:

Being the mostly intelligent fans that we are, this poll highlighted how Rutgers faithful saw the writing on the wall after the blowout loss to the Hawkeyes, despite it only being the second game of the season.

Now with the most anticipated season for Rutgers men’s basketball about to tip-off on Thursday, this weekly confidence poll could be a lot more fun and more interesting to track. The more of you that sign up, the more accurate the polls will be! I really hope if you haven’t signed up that you do here. It only takes a couple of minutes, as does the weekly poll questions. And if you already have, I hope you are re-energized by the hope of basketball season beginning and get into the habit of voting again.

(editor’s note: the survey page has a football player on it, but it’s the right one to sign up on as it’s adding new fans to the existing one’s that previously signed up representing On The Banks.)