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Rutgers QB commit Cole Snyder Discusses Past, Present & Future

Snyder is set to enroll early and looks to make a difference for the Scarlet Knights

Penn State v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

When asked about his preparation and what excites him the most about early enrollment at Rutgers, Class of 2019 quarterback commit Cole Snyder (Jamestown, N.Y.) was pretty direct with his answer.

“I have been lifting and running trying to prepare for my early enrollment, which is quickly approaching,” said Snyder. “Classes start on the 22nd of January. I am looking forward to getting in the meeting rooms and being in the weight room with the guys. I enjoy being part of a team, but I can’t wait for spring ball to start up. This will give me a good look at where I am at and what I can improve on. ”

That kind of eagerness to get on the field and in the weight room is exactly what the Rutgers football team needs in its incoming players. The six-foot-one gunslinger will leave his Western New York roots after recently being named First Team All-State and try to make a name for himself in New Jersey.

Snyder’s high school staff featured coaches with lots of football pedigree and connections. He credits his high school program, and others close to him, as the source of his success

“Growing up in Western New York, you wouldn’t think of it as a hot bed for college recruiting, but I have been with a coaching staff that has ten years of Division 1 experience, and five years of NFL experience,” Snyder said. “The play book, practices, weight room, travel, meetings, and more are all ran like a Division 1 program. This was the biggest thing that has helped me be where I am at today as well as the help from my parents, Tom Repicci [founder, Vipsanius Sports], and my faith.”

Western New York isn’t the mecca of high school football recruiting, but the harsh weather and hidden talent, like Snyder, makes it a desirable recruiting spot for a Big Ten school like Rutgers. Current wide receiver Paul Woods Jr. was recruited out of perennial powerhouse Canisius High School in Buffalo.

Snyder opened up about his decision process, and why he chose Rutgers. Lots of factors played into the decision, including trust, family and strong relationships with coaches.

“I chose Rutgers first of all, because of the trust they had in me. They were the first school to offer me. You don’t get a lot of love out of Western New York , so for them to offer me when I had no other offers at the time was huge for me. Secondly, the education is what I was looking for. My intended major is business, and what better place to major in business than a school 45 minutes from NYC, and an hour away from Philadelphia. Third, the relationship with the coaches. Coach McNulty was everything I can ask for in a QB coach. We kind of clicked the first time I met him. Coach Okruch also played a role in me deciding on Rutgers as well, because he is my area recruiter. He recruited not just me, but my family as well, and I find that very important. Lastly, the facilities are top of the line, and they are constantly improving.”

Snyder said he was pursued by Buffalo, Syracuse, Pitt and some FCS schools. Ultimately, the above formula proved to be a winner for Rutgers football recruiting.

Looking at the quarterback room, Cole shared his honest opinions and how he plans on changing the culture surrounding the group.

“I think the Rutgers QB room as of now doesn’t have a lot of depth especially with the early enrollees not being there now,” Snyder said. “When I get on campus I intend to strengthen that and create competition. I think the skills that set me apart are anticipation, ability to make off platform throws, football IQ, and ability to change plays at the line.”

The quarterback room can use all the competition out there, and players like Snyder will hopefully push others to grow and step up to the challenge.

Traditional QB training has helped Snyder’s game develop, but he credits his overall athleticism to another source.

“Playing hockey has helped me become the competitor I am today, as well as improved my vision of the field or ice,” said Snyder. “Competing all year round, and not just focusing on one sport has helped me a lot in my development. Hockey also forced me to become a well-rounded athlete.”

As he prepares for early enrollment, Snyder reflected on the recruiting class and his future teammates. He sees potential for more talent to join the class.

“This recruiting class has come together nicely so far, and it is not over yet,” said Snyder “I think we will land some key recruits at this next signing period.”

Snyder closed that statement with the same direct tone he started the interview, and enthusiasm to get his career underway.

“With this being said the days are counting down till I am on campus. I am excited to get the ball rolling and get to work.”

Rutgers fans are excited for you to get to work too, Cole.