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If You Like Football and Beer, You’ll LOVE Brewfest!

Frohes Herz e.V. - Oktoberfest 2018 Photo by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

One of the events that will be a popular one on Saturday is the first RU Brewfest. This event is taking place in the Block R Party area just across the street from the North entrance to High Stadium. There are a wide variety of craft brews available, including Octoberfest beers.

If you want to go, I hope you’ve already bought your ticket, as they need to be purchased no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, September 27. If you’re reading this prior to the deadline, you can purchase your ticket here.

If you haven’t been paying attention, it has gotten some press on with this article, and Rutgers has been pushing it as well. The graphic below was one they put on the Rutgers Athletics Facebook page:

It really is a great deal. For $50.00, you get a ticket to the briefest as well as the game. All of the beer tasting is included with your ticket, as well as Bavarian snacks. Obviously, with a deal like this, the capacity is limited, and fans have been asked to purchase their tickets early.

On top of all that, the NJ-based band The Benjamins will be performing in the Block R Party area. This grove is a perfect spot to go if you are not tailgating, as not only is there good food, music, and now great beer, but it’s also a great spot for watching the Scarlet Walk.

So, if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, the clock is ticking loudly. Get it before 5:00 PM Thursday so you can take part in this great event!

Don’t miss out, get your tickets before it’s too late!!!