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Tailgater of the Week: Buffalo Edition

You don’t have to have a blowout to have a great tailgate!

One of the best parts of doing this series of articles each season is the opportunity to meet with Rutgers fans of all types. Some have large groups, some have small intimate groups, and some vary depending upon the week and their inclination. That is the case for this week’s group, led by Daniel Dixon.

Daniel’s group, who gather each game in the Black Lot, varies widely by size. This week, it was a smaller group of about ten men and women joining them, but on other games it grows to 50 or more. They are most known for their Thanksgiving feast, which includes the Grill Guys, and a table set for a huge crowd.

This was the setting for their Thanksgiving feast in 2016

However, for Buffalo, the group was more modest, but still a good time. Daniel’s group has been tailgating for close to 15 seasons at this point. As opposed to most groups, they do not have a “routine” for their tailgate. However, the food usually ties to the game at hand. As Daniel said, “It varies by the game. We try to stick with a theme. I remember with Arkansas, everyone did pig, for Buffalo today, we’re doing Buffalo wings, just something simple, you know.”

Far from simple, these wings smelled as good as they look!

The food usually ties to the game at hand. That’s an important part of Daniel’s tailgate, as he takes great pride in his food. Although he didn’t say it, he actually is known for his cooking at these events. Since it was a smaller group, he was cooking on a smaller smoker stove he had just purchased, but he uses larger ones for the bigger groups.

Daniel’s new, smaller grill for the game.

Though not a Rutgers grad (Daniel is a Kean alum), he has a lot of friends who were Rutgers grads and friends from his hometown of Keyport who are a part of this group. Also among them is Twain Lewis, Johnathan’s Dad, who hangs with this great group of guys.

Another integral part of the group is Daniel’s brother Deon, who’s important because, as Daniel put it, “He’s got the big truck!” Anyone who tailgates know how important it is to have a vehicle to tow all the gear, and so Deon Dixon’s job is a critical one!

Finally, one staple of this tailgate is craft beer. It doesn’t matter who Rutgers is playing, there is always a local craft brew available for the group. This week was Carlton Brewing company’s G.O.R.P. Trail Ale.

A local Atlantic Highlands brew available for the game.

Congrats to Daniel Dixon and his hardy crew in the Black Lot for being the On the Banks’ Tailgaters of the Week!

Daniel Dixon (standing, 4th from left) and his crew.

Other Sights

It was fun seeing the Scarlet Knight mascot attempt to climb into Olde Queen, the Rutgers antique firetruck that comes to every game. Kevin, who owns this unique vehicle, welcomes all to his truck, and it is always a highlight when he comes into the tailgating area, lights flashing and sirens blaring! The Knight, though a large being, was able to do it!

Also, a well known group in the Green Lot, known by the self-explanatory name of the Shot Squad, had a large and enthusiastic group there last Saturday, led by On the Banks’ own Scott Logan. They were celebrating their fifth anniversary of the group’s founding. A fun group, and fervent Rutgers fans, too!

Scott Logan (center, kneeling) and his crew at the game.

As always, there are small groups of fans who are just there to have a good time, have a fun tailgate, and enjoy the sights and sounds of a fall football game at Rutgers. If you were there, you know it was a great time, and perfect football weather, too!

Barbara Soldano and Karen Kowalsky enjoying an early morning tailgate.

This is a busy time for tailgating. Due to schedule, we are going into the second of three consecutive weeks with a tailgate. This coming week we will be visiting the Yellow Lot to find our Tailgater of the Week as Indiana comes to town. Hope to see you there!