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Are you a Rutgers Superfan?

Here’s your chance to prove it!

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that you are on our site, out of season, reading articles shows you are a fan of Rutgers sports. But are you are superfan? Do you have Rutgers momentos around your house, “relics” of past years? Do you talk about Rutgers sports to the point that everyone knows you are “that Rutgers guy” in your office? Well, I may have just the thing for you!!!

My Scarlet Knight bobblehead, sitting on out family room mantle.

On Friday, July 20, Rutgers released their Fan Ambassador program. The goal? To be a fan who promotes Rutgers sports as you go about your everyday life. It’s a great idea!

What is required to be a Fan Ambassador? It isn’t really all that difficult. I’ll bet that a large number will read what is asked of the ambassadors in the tweet below, and say, “I’m already doing that!” Well, this may be the program for you! Do you:

What do I get for being a fan ambassador? Well, if you’re already doing this, you shouldn’t really expect anything, but guess what? There ARE perks to being chosen to be an “official” ambassador, aside from your regular promotion of all things Scarlet Knights. Here’s what you’ll get:

That’s right, you’ll be official, with perks! All you need to do is answer a few simple question, which I have included below, and return them to the marketing division of the Rutgers Athletics Department.

As you can see, it requires you to be living in NJ, which makes sense to best promote the state university. It is personally sad for me, as a NYS resident that non-resident alums and fans can’t take part, but I understand the rationale.

So, c’mon all you superfans, get with the program, and get involved! All you need to do is get the information on this link, and you’ll be on your way. Good luck!