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Watch Devin & Jason McCourty Discuss Reunion With New England Patriots

The twin brothers will play together for first time in a decade since leaving Rutgers

Sirius At Super Bowl Day 1

This past march, twin brothers and Rutgers football alums, Jason and Devin McCourty, were reunited on the field. After eight seasons with the Tennessee Titans and last year with the Cleveland Browns, Jason was traded to the New England Patriots this past March. He will now be part of a secondary that has been led by his brother Devin the past eight seasons. It’s a great story and on Tuesday the Patriots released an entertaining interview with the McCourty’s, who discuss what their reunion has been like so far and what they look forward to next season.

Both were significant contributors on the banks under former head coach Greg Schiano and have led successful NFL careers as well. Jason was a sixth round pick in the 2009 draft, while Devin was a first round selection in 2010.

They have been great ambassadors for their family, for Rutgers, and for their respective organizations throughout their careers. Their work with the Embrace the Kids Foundation, specifically “Tackle Sickle Cell”, has raised over $1 million dollars over the years.

Watch the interview with the McCourty brothers here and even if you are a New York Giants or Jets fan, the thought of watching them in the same secondary this coming fall is something every Rutgers fan should be excited about.