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Watch Chris Ash & Steve Pikiell In Dad Joke Competition

Trust me, it’s worth the four minutes

NCAA Basketball: Big 10 Media Day Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017-2018 academic year and spring sports season coming to an end, the Rutgers athletics communications department perhaps saved their best idea for last. While the marketing of Rutgers sports has been fantastic all year, Kevin Lorincz and Hasim Phillips deserve high praise for coming up with a great idea to have a Dad joke competition between football head coach Chris Ash and men’s basketball head coach Steve Pikiell. Watching the coaches of the two highest profile programs at Rutgers share a lighter moment together was pure genius and extremely refreshing.

Ash and Pikiell will always be linked in a way, as they were hired just four months apart, which signaled in a new era for Rutgers under athletic director Pat Hobbs, who only arrived on campus shortly before them. With all the positives that Hobbs has already produced under his leadership the past two and a half years, a big part of how his legacy will be judged long term will be based on how successful Ash and Pikiell ultimately are at Rutgers. Both appear to have their programs headed in the right direction and they’ve each spoken about their bond with one another in sharing a common goal of turning their respective teams around and eventually winning on the banks.

Without further ado, here is four minutes of pure gold between Ash and Pikiell trading Dad jokes. While neither should quit their days jobs to join the stand up comedy ciruit, more of these videos in the future would be welcomed. Enjoy!